When Do You Need a Safety Shower and Eyewash Station? 

The workplace is a dynamic space, constantly changing and expanding. But the ever-changing environment has an impact on compliance, especially when it comes to safety checks and emergency equipment like eyewash stations and safety showers in Australia

Here’s what to consider before introducing or updating your safety showers. 

Have There Been Any Workplace Changes? 

If you start using different chemicals, increase production or increase your workforce, you will need to rethink the capacity of your decontamination stations. We recommend performing a risk assessment to assess the effectiveness of your existing equipment when:

New hazardous substances

Every time you introduce new chemicals and Dangerous Goods into the workplace you need to evaluate your existing decontamination equipment. 

Production output increases

As production output increases will this increase the quantities of hazardous chemicals and Dangerous Goods you keep onsite? 

Workforce expansion

If the number of onsite workers and contracts increases you may need to install additional eyewash and shower units. 

Construction work

The effectiveness of your emergency shower and eyewash stations may be impacted both during and after renovations or construction work. 

Equipment and machinery installation

Installing new equipment and machinery can introduce new risks and hazards. Consider how the hazardous chemicals in the area could react with the equipment. Also evaluate if this change could increase the possibility of a worker being exposed to dust and flying particles, splashed or immersed in liquid chemicals, or burned in a fire.

Introduction of New Hazards

 Whenever you introduce new chemicals and dangerous goods into your workplace, you need to evaluate your existing decontamination equipment. 

Production Increases 

As production increases, does this increase the number of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods you keep on-site? 

Workforce Growth 

If the number of on-site and contract workers increases, you may need to install more eyewash stations and showers. 

 Renovations and Construction  

The effectiveness of your emergency shower and eyewash station can suffer both during and after a renovation or construction. 

Installing New Equipment 

 Installing new equipment and machinery can introduce new risks and dangers. Consider how hazardous chemicals in the area may react with the device. Also, consider whether this change could increase the likelihood of workers being exposed to dust and flying particles, being splashed or immersed in liquid chemicals, or getting burned in a fire.

Is There Going to Be an Audit? 

Safety audits and assessments by qualified hazardous materials consultants can uncover new hazards and point out the limitations of your existing decontamination equipment. Some Examples include: 

  • Workers decanting or transferring hazardous fuels and chemicals outdoors and away from indoor eyewashes and emergency showers (which may require outdoor installation). 
  • Hand-held faucet used as a safety shower or eyewash (equipment is insufficient). 
  • Workers use indoor showers in sanitary facilities (unsuitable equipment). 
  • Standalone eyewash with 15-minute flush to assist laboratory personnel using both acids and bases (insufficient flush time, leaded eyewash may be required). 
  • Independent consultants and dangerous goods safety auditors draw on their working knowledge of hazardous chemicals across a wide range of industries and can help you assess suitability. combination of your existing (or proposed) facilities.

Has an Accident Occurred Recently?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, an accident, incident or near miss will still happen – take the opportunity to make the appropriate investigations and determine the cause of the incident. Maybe you underestimated the power of chemicals or overlooked small groups of lone workers.  To make sure everyone is safe, check why the previous incident happened and how to prevent it in the future. 

What Now? 

Choose the Spill Station. 

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