Rocky Mountain Sights

Thinking of mountains, all we imagine are rocks while in reality, like in the Rocky Mountains, and we experience wonderful sceneries of lakes, wildlife, camps, and wonderfully wheels, etc.

Rocky Mountain Lakes

Lakes are places filled with water and enclosed by land. Natural lakes are gorgeous, still, and normally in the mountain areas.

  1. Lake Moraine: It is known as the ’20 dollar view’ because its scenic view appeared in the 20$ bill for a period of 10 years. It is located in a valley called 10 Peaks. The greenish-blue radiance of the water intensifies as the ice melts and summer approaches.
  2.  Lake Emerald: A rich green-colored gemstone is what characterizes Emeralds, hence why this lake is named so. Mountains encircle this lake set in the National Park, Yoho.
  3. Lake Minnewanka: Natives of the Stoney Nakoda called it ‘The Lake of the Spirits’, which translates to Minn-Waki. The Rockies is the second biggest lake where visitors can hike, bike, watch the sunrise, deer drinking, etc.
  4. Lake Peyto: Considered among the most beauteous lakes globally, Peyto retains a vibrant color during summer due to the ice powder that flows into it. To take the best dramatic photographs, it is advised you go to Lake Peyto Viewpoint.
  5. Lake Louis: Oh my world! This view is just breathtaking. You’d think you are staring at an artwork.  

Best Campground In Rocky Mountain National Park   

There are numerous places outside where people make camps in the mountains to enjoy the night stars asides other natural scenery. They are;

  • Aspenglen: It has great, well-spaced trees that provide enough shade to view the mountainside, wildlife, and nature.
  • Glacier Basin: Although this campground has little or no trees, it is an amazing place to spend time with family, build tents and enjoy direct access to hiking.
  • Moraine: This is the largest campground with a slight amount of shade, found in the Discovery Center of Moraine Park. You get to experience interactives and a natural environment.

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Bears Rocky Mountain National Park   

There are currently no grizzly bears in the Rocky Mountains although, they used to be abundant before they became extinct due to excessive hunting by humans. However, the Black bears have been said to be sighted in the mountains even though they abstain from seeing people.

Black bears are not all black in color despite their names. Some of them are dark brown or light fur. Their strong legs enable them to climb and even overtake humans in a race.

It is advised that you remain quiet, make loud noises, and gradually walk back when you see a bear but strive back if they attack you.

Rocky Mountain National Park Photography Locations

There are many interesting and picturesque sights in the National Park where memories can be made to stand the test of time by taking photographs. Some of these incredible locations are;

  • Moraine Park:- It has an amazing picture of natural forest constituents (streams, vegetations, sturdy trees, etc.)
  • Dream Lake:- Taking pictures here is just like a dream until you pinch yourself and realize it’s real because of how gorgeous it is.
  • Bear Lake:- It is also an amazing spot for ideal pictures.
  • Lily Lake:- You can never get tired of the pretty view at Lily.
  • Sprague Lake:- This spot gives you an incredible image, especially when you make it at sunrise. The colors are stunning.
  • Old Fall:- This was the first road formed in the Rockies; therefore, many amazing spots for attractive photographs will be passed through.

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