Kerala Travel – Is Kerala famous for tourism?

Kerala tourism is always an undisputed place on the map of world tourism due to its attractive and tranquil beauty. 

Every year, the state welcomes an abundance of tourists who travel to experience the stunning splendor of Kerala. What, in reality, is it that makes Kerala tourism so attractive to tourists and earns it a spot on the bucket lists of many travelers. If you think about it, Kerala has been blessed with nature in a variety of ways.

Although there are numerous locations around the globe that offer stunning and beautiful beaches as well as waterfalls, wildlife and other tourist destinations that are more than Kerala. The main reason that is what makes Kerala special is that it’s an amalgamation of the natural wonders of all kinds.

 It’s not only the natural beauty that draws visitors to this beautiful place; they also want to take in the diverse and distinctive traditional culture and heritage of Kerala, the God’s own Country. It’s also a place of festivals , and they represent the state’s history of unity and diversity.

Kerala is a visually appealing destination for tourists. The warm beaches, famous backwaters, tranquil hills and roaring waterfalls. The lush greenery, vast tea and spice plantations, and huge coconut groves are a fantastic trip for tourists. 

The main benefit of these locations is that they’re well connected via rail and road as well as some are connected with air as well, and these benefits are even included in some Kerala tour packages, so it is always recommended to go via tour packages.

Visitors don’t need to move from one area to another. The monsoon and summer aren’t as extreme as in other areas in the country.

Tourists flock to the state from June until having fun during the monsoon season, which is on until December holidays, In contrast to other states, rainfall usually doesn’t cause many problems within the State of Texas.

Enjoy a boat ride on a houseboat to relax in the serene waters of the backwaters in Alappuzha, Kollam, and Kumarakom. It is possible to stay overnight on these floating structures and take pleasure in the peace of the lake. 

You could also explore the remote villages in the region that are otherwise inaccessible. It is also possible to go on a boat or go on a water rafting adventure in the many tourist spots of Kerala.

Kerala with its long coastline has many beaches where you can relax and enjoy. 

The thundering waterfalls of Athirappilli (which was featured in numerous films), Vazhachal, Meenmutty, Soochippara, Palaruvi, Perunthenaruvi are just some of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala. There are many nature and bird sanctuary areas within the state.

In addition to the numerous pilgrimage centers in the state, Kerala also has many centers like Kerala Kalamandalam and is considered a University of Art and Culture that is a significant center to study Indian performing arts, archeological museums, and art galleries.

Kerala is also known for numerous festivals and cultural occasions like Thrissur Pooram Puli Kali, boat race events, Athachamayam, Onam, Cochin Carnival, etc…

The state is a paradise for foodies because it is the land of spices. The delicious seafood options and unique cuisines are the best food experience.

There are a variety of health centers and resorts that offer a wide range of rejuvenation therapies rooted in Ayurveda.

The state is the one with the most literacy rates in the country, which means that communication with the general public won’t be a problem for international and domestic tourists. It also has excellent infrastructure for tourism, which is well-connected via roads, water, air, and rail to the majority of parts of the nation and most important cities around the world.

Best Season To Visit Kerala For Honeymoon

Kerala is considered to be the ultimate honeymoon destination and each year, thousands of honeymooners plan their journey to Kerala God’s Own Country. The scenic beauty that is located in Kerala is the primary reason that honeymooners opt for Kerala as their destination for their honeymoon.

The time of year in Kerala is generally divided into three categories: the summer (March until May) as well as the monsoon (June until the month of August) as well as the winter (November until January). The period from October to March is considered to be the peak tourist season. 

The rains are less frequent while the heat of summer has not yet arrived, until the end of October, which is the ideal time for your honeymoon trip to Kerala. The winter in Kerala is mild compared with other states. The weather is pleasant and relaxing, as you and your loved one can enjoy the beautiful cool evenings and cool mornings.

People who like cold weather, however, do not wish for any snowfall, should consider spending their honeymoon in one of the numerous hill stations in Kerala. Munnar Thekkady, Varagamon, and Munnar are some of the top hills in Kerala.

Although the weather is cool, it will not be harsh, and shouldn’t create any difficulties with your trip plans. Go to Thekkady in the summer months and take in the breathtaking views of rolling hills and the distinctive wildlife and flora that inhabit Periyar Tiger Reserve. Periyar Tiger Reserve.

This time of year offers more opportunities to see wild animals when you go on the cruise on a boat. It is also possible to enjoy activities like trekking, bamboo rafting, boating, and kayaking at this time of year. 

Couples who are looking to experience the splendor and beauty of Kerala’s famous backwaters must travel towards Alappuzha, Kumarakom, and rent a houseboat to sail through the tranquil waters. Kerala’s backwaters are a complex chain of canals, lagoons, freshwater lakes, and rivers.

You can spend the night in one of these boathouses and enjoy the captivating appeal of the paddy fields that are lush and green as well as palm and coconut groves that surround the backwaters, as well as the quiet life of the villages around. There is a chance to shop on the streets in Kochi and the climate will not be a problem.

Another popular attraction is Kerala’s beaches. Kerala. Because the state is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and by the Indian Ocean on the other side, it boasts an extensive stretch of coastline as well as a lot of beaches.

Choose a hotel close to one of the most famous beaches in Kerala and take in the ocean in all its glory. You can swim at the water’s edge in Kovalam and Bekal. Other beaches that are popular located in Kerala comprise Kovalam, Varkala, Mararikulam, Poovar, Cherai, Kollam, and more…

An important travel tip we’d recommend to you is that since it is peak season, most of the top resorts in Kerala are booked out, therefore it’s best if you can make advance reservations for your Kerala travel packages.

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