Long-Distance Move Packing Tips

Moving a long distance is a big undertaking. There are so many things to consider, and it can be tough to know where to start. But don’t worry, we have you covered! This article will cover the top tips of what you should keep in mind when packing for a long-distance move. We’ll also give you some pointers on packing for your items that might make this process less stressful than it usually is. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Pack Everything Nice and Snug

This is when you get to put your Tetris and puzzle skills to the test. The old saying that says “give an inch, take a mile” can also be applied to things you pack when moving. The more room your stuff has to move around, the more care you need to take during transport. To prevent items from shifting in the container, pack them as tightly together as possible. A great way to reduce shifting and space is to fill any empty spaces with paper, clothes, or linens. The nesting technique (a helpful packing hack that is liked to call the Russian Doll) is a great way to keep your things organized and save space in your moving boxes.

Pack Light

Heavy items are more likely to cause damage when it comes to packing. Do not pack boxes in a way that makes them heavy. Divide heavy items across all of your boxes during pre-packing. A large box of books can be a danger to your back if it falls, and it makes the load even heavier.

Pack Clothes When Moving

As you prepare to move your furniture, basement items, and kitchen items, it’s now time to pack your clothes. A few useful packing tips for a move is to begin packing your out-of-season clothes, including workout T-shirts, in labeled boxes and bags. Pack your staple clothing last to avoid the temptation of wearing them in your final days at home. Wrinkles are inevitable when you pack your clothes, but stuffing them in an ugly crumpled-up box is one way to make sure they look worse.

Instead of cramming everything into the box regardless of its shape, take some time and prepare a wardrobe moving bag where you can place your classiest outfits at the top of the box. With a built-in bar to hang clothes on the top of your dresser, you can move all your clothes conveniently and safely.

Assemble Essential Box

It may seem like a luxury to have every single unwanted item with you, but unnecessary clutter can lead to chaos during the long-distance move. To pack for a long-distance move, assemble your essential packing box with biodegradable toilet paper, hand soap, and important paperwork, chargers. Vacuum seal your belongings and put them in plastic bags to save space on the road.

Remember that making sure you have essential supplies like medications is vital. Fill up your gas tank before a big drive.

Add Information on Boxes

With people traveling across the country for work or school, there are many thoughts that a person has to think about when preparing. It can be hard to remember what’s in a box after you pack it up and move it. Make simplifying your life later simple by writing everything you will need in each box on the side or in your moving inventory!

Use Plastic Wraps

Keep drawers in dressers closed and taped shut when moving to avoid packing too much weight in your rental truck. Maximize space in your home by removing the drawers from dressers and then use cling wrap to hold them together! One of the best ways to pack shoes and other items you don’t want to be buried in boxes is this.

Wrap Furniture

Packing your belongings for a long move can be difficult. You’re about to experience the joy of unpacking furniture. You already have a picture of the perfect place for that adorable dresser in your new home. However, when you unpack everything and inspect your favorite dresser, you see that it’s all scraped up. Someone had the idea to put the dog crate on top of it in the truck.

To safeguard your furniture’s condition, use long-span moving blankets. Wrap your favorite items in a blanket, just as you would like to be wrapped up in one.

Downsize your Big Items

When packing for a long-distance move, it is important to consider how you will assemble your furniture once it arrives. To be sure your bookcase doesn’t get damaged while in transit, pack it with the rest of your furniture and use plenty of bubble wrap or dismantle it. A bed frame, dining table, and other furniture can also be wrapped in plastic to protect them during a move. And when they’re broken down, the pieces take up less room in a truck or container.


Keep in mind that you need to pack your things as if they were on a boat. The best way is by wrapping them tightly and putting the wrapped items into boxes, which will be packed tight with other similarly sized objects. This not only saves space but also protects fragile items from breaking during transport. And remember, always wrap dishes before packing them up!

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