List of the best dressing table in Singapore

People who have a lot of cosmetics aren’t the only ones who can benefit from having a dressing table. In addition to that, it is an excellent location for carrying out the steps of your regular skincare routine. A vanity table in the bedroom might be helpful if you need extra storage or a place to show off your cosmetics collection. They have compiled a list of sixteen unique styles of best dressing tables in Singapore, ranging from European-inspired to compact.

  1. The Maddie Luxury Vanity Table Set from Urban Mood

After getting ready, you can take mirror selfies at Maddie’s dressing table, one of the best dressing tables Singapore. The chair’s back is decorated with a ribbon, making you feel like an actual princess as you groom. The mirror sits in the center of the table, encircled by a gold frame. There is also a touch of gold on the curved cross legs and the drawer pulls. This vanity is available in four sizes, so you can pick one that works with the layout of your bedroom.

  1. Shopee – Minimalist Makeup Counter

Those with an extensive collection of perfumes will find the drawer in the dressing table quite helpful since it offers a handy location to store all of their scents. They can be arranged in accordance with the varied dimensions thanks to the inside dividers. Since the whole table is made of wood, it looks good in bedrooms with a wood theme. It is available in white and has a tone similar to light wood.

  1. The Cat Mirror Multi-Functional Dressing Table, available from Shopee

If you’re a fan of cats, you’ll immediately identify this as the superior dressing table Singapore offers. Depending on your preference, the cat’s face may be seen in this mirror, which can be bought with or without LED lights. A few additional mirror forms are available, such as a heart or a circle. The mirror may be the most eye-catching feature of the vanity, but the many drawers and shelves are sure to wow you. On each side of the mirror is a storage unit consisting of four drawers and shelves where you can discretely put away your clothing and accessories.

  1. SHEEP Dressing Table with Mirror and Storage from Shopee

This dual-door dressing table in Singapore is equipped with automated lighting that turns on when the doors are opened, much as a walk-in closet does when you enter the room. Your cosmetics, jewelry, and other accessories will always be stored in a safe spot, thanks to the three levels of storage space incorporated into each door. This space may also be used for other purposes. The middle drawer offers you extra room for storing and displaying your various cosmetics and toiletries.

  1. Shopee – MUWU Bedroom Dressing Table

MUWU’s “floating” dressing table the common belief that dressing tables must have a minimum of four legs is debunked by Singapore. Because it is mounted to the wall, this vanity reduces the risk of clumsy people injuring themselves by tripping over its legs. The table cover can be unfolded to reveal a workstation, complete with drawers and a mirror, making it ideal for a quick round of WFH. In addition, the mirror can be moved from left to right, which is convenient when trying to reach a skincare product on your face’s right side.


Incorporating a vanity table into your bedroom’s design is bright because of its dramatic effect on the room’s style. Not only does it provide a place to store your cosmetics and toiletries out of sight, but it also has room for some extra trinkets. 

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