How to Clean a Commercial Carpet

Around 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpet, which is over 700 times more than on a toilet seat. 

If that isn’t harrowing enough, imagine how much this can affect office workers or anyone working in a commercial building. Because of this, business owners must be vigilant and thoroughly clean their carpets to protect their employees. Perhaps you’ve recently opened a business and you’re stumped on how to maintain the commercial carpet in your building. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here is how to clean a commercial carpet. 

Spot Clean Your Carpet 

An effective method for cleaning commercial carpets is spot cleaning them. If you’ve recently spilled a drink, then blot as much of the liquid with a cloth or a towel. Avoid rubbing as it will force the liquid deeper into the carpet, making the stain worse. 

Once the excess mess is cleaned, apply a spot cleaner, ideally from where you bought your flooring as it’s designed specifically for it. If you’re struggling, then contact a professional carpet cleaning company so you can learn more about the process. 

Use Hot Water Extraction 

Businesses after the latest commercial carpet cleaning hacks should check out the hot water extraction method. This is where a professional commercial carpet cleaning service mixes hot water with strong cleaning agents and applies this to the carpet. Thanks to the strength, this method breaks down stains and dirt that have accumulated over time.  

Another similar method is bonnet cleaning, where you need a spinner machine. The only difference is you use bleach as a cleaning agent, perfect if you want to refresh your current carpet. But a major disadvantage is it offers a surface-level clean and often leaves behind swirl marks.  

Shampoo the Carpet 

Our commercial carpet cleaning guide isn’t complete without mentioning shampooing. You simply need a cleaning solution and a brush, making it accessible for everyone. Apply the shampoo and then spread it across the room, before removing excess dirt with a vacuum.  

Use the Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

One of the most effective commercial carpet cleaning tips is using the dry method. To do this, apply the specialist powder over the surface along with a spray of water. Let this sink in for an hour and then vacuum any remaining debris.  

Try Encapsulation Cleaning  

The encapsulation cleaning method has boomed in popularity over recent years. During this process, the foam dissolves and absorbs grime until they turn into crystals. Fast forward 24 hours and you can vacuum the powder, making your commercial carpet pristine.  

Clean Your Commercial Carpet Today

Now, after reading this article, you’ve discovered multiple ways to deep-clean your commercial carpet. 

Business owners should experiment with different methods, such as spot cleaning or shampooing the entire surface area. But if you want fantastic results, hire a professional service and they can provide encapsulation cleaning or use the dry method. Good luck!

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