How to use E-signature’s software for your marketing department

An e-signature is an electronic mark to approve a document in the legal area. The digital signatures enable the signing of papers easier electronically. It saves money and time when you have the e-signature software on your tablet or mobile phone. You will sign any document from anywhere provided you have an internet connection. Let’s examine the benefits of using electronic signatures in the marketing department.

E-signatures allow the signing of more contracts and agreements

Electronic signatures help to bind agreements and contracts and release forms to consumers. The digital signature app enables the department to automate the signing process. They then focus on other projects to meet deadlines and expand the department. The signings through the e-signatures are a bit faster than the traditional signatures. There isn’t a need to print and send the documents to clients and wait for them to sign and send them back to you again. E-signatures will give ample time to concentrate on deadlines, meetings, and future projects.

E-signatures improve customer communication

Electronic signatures speed up the process of sending a communication to clients. The fastened communication enables easy document signing and sending them back on time. The signatures also record the entire document history. You will be able to see when the documents arrived, viewed, and signed. Fraud cases are minimal as you can trace the time the client received the documents.

Reduces legal risks

Misfield, missing, or incomplete documentation results in noncompliance penalties or fines. Electronic signatures give strong evidence and minimize the eruption of legal disputes.

Boosts team productivity

With the electronic signatures, the marketing team saves time lost in manual jobs. They include rekeying data, filing documents, tracking down contracts, and searching lost documents. It’s easy to duplicate and edit than in manual reproduction. The signatures enable sales and contract teams to collaborate.

High conversion rates

The digital signing of a document is easier than having the manual signing. In this case, it’s easy to sign electronically and enjoy higher conversion rates.

Identifying other stakeholders

It’s easy for your target clients to forward your content to other teams. Electronic signatures will enable you to know whom they forwarded those materials that you sent. Both of you will have a better buying process enabling you to reach out to the relevant contacts.

Personalize at scale

Electronic documents allow the creation of dynamic templates. They transform the typical standards collateral into high-standard personalized assets. You can use company information, audience names, and branding to make personalized professional documents.

Empower a mobile and modern workforce

The easiest way to reach someone is via a mobile phone. The electronic signature apps will help the follow-up rate of the marketing department. It allows reps to respond to deals dynamically.

Reactive prospects

Electronic signature technology aids in sending reminders, prompts, and personalized messages. The marketing team can reactivate silent prospects and turn them into business. Prospects who lose interest or are silent may get themselves back to the business. The e-signatures will show when the clients view your proposals, and you should reach out to them.

Negotiate and deal with international clients in a secure way

It isn’t easy to close deals with international firms and brands as it may need frequent travel. When you use electronic signatures, it’s easy to negotiate and sign international deals. It’s not a must to make an international trip to sign a deal.


With all the above advantages, you will enjoy the marketing department’s productivity. Search and add signature in word to try out now and feel the difference.

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