Best 90 Second Explainer Video Examples

90 seconds might feel like an eternity in today’s digital world. While there are times when a short, simple video is necessary to engage customers, there are several benefits to creating lengthier content.

You have 90 seconds to set out a value proposition, tell a narrative, and emphasize the most important aspects of your product or service.

We’ll go down ten of the most intriguing animated explainer videos in this article. There’s a lot you can learn by examining established video material.

What’s the point of 90 seconds?

The guideline for medium-length informative videos is 90 seconds. It’s usually enough time to discuss the customer’s issue, provide a solution, and show how your product, service, or brand can successfully address it.

When compared to 30- and 60-second explainer films, 90-second explainer videos allow you to be more creative with your script and go into more depth about your product. Even 90 seconds is a restricted amount of time for delivering all of the necessary information, so you should keep it short.

Product demonstrations, brand introductions, service marketing, explanations of complicated topics, and instructional reasons are all common uses for 90-second explainer movies. Social networking, homepages, product landing pages, online advertising, and corporate digital libraries for internal training are the most common uses for 90 second videos.

You will have a far better knowledge of effective 90-second animated explainer films and how to use the format in your content marketing plan after reading this article.

Google – Digital Wellbeing

The benefit of using a 90-second video is that you’ll have more time to explain and emphasize the product’s features. A 90-second film yields roughly 180-240 words for your script, allowing you to craft a more specific and easily digestible explanation.

Google is known for providing high-quality content. The technology giant employs a simple approach, focusing emphasis on the narrator; the “Digital Wellbeing” video above is a fantastic example. Within the 90-second period, the film gives easy explanations and establishes a natural flow that keeps the viewer interested until the very last second.

Zense – Not Regular Guy

With the assistance of exquisite 2D animation, the experts from Explain Ninja demonstrated the whole essence and use of the product using the example of an everyday person in this video. Even though my explanation seems generic, you should view the film for yourself to judge how effectively it accomplishes its goal.

Combating Discrimination

An explainer video is a useful tool for assisting viewers in comprehending complicated concepts. Furthermore, video content enables new companies to interact with prospective consumers. The essential purpose of your video, regardless of its length, is to convey a clear message.

Airbnb employs magnificent images and a clear explanation in the above 90-second animated explainer, giving the spectator with a deeper grasp of the business and its effort on combating prejudice while booking and hosting.


Atoka is a search engine that gives you access to a unique and trustworthy database of British and Italian businesses. The product is designed to assist consumers who are looking for local companies.

Studiotale made an explanatory film for Atoka, which you can see below.

The film begins with a discussion on the importance of accurate statistics. The remainder of the film is devoted to Atoka’s answer. This video connects strongly with the target audience because of the problem-solving approach. The video’s images clearly illustrate the company’s product. Furthermore, this format may be utilized for marketing reasons by both B2B and B2C businesses.

What is Figma?

One of the reasons people use animated explainer films is that they deliver ideas in a really natural way.

The use of various colors and forms serves to focus the viewer’s attention on the video’s story.

The “Figma” hypnotizes the audience with various hypnotic visual animations. The voice-over escort is reflected in every facet of this video. Graphics abound in the visualization, making the discourse more clear and accessible.

“Figma” should serve as proof that motion graphics may be used to create very effective marketing material.


So there you have it! This table provides an overview of the many video styles available. You’ve now seen why 90-second explainer films are popular for explaining goods and services to consumers. Because the human species’ attention span is dwindling, it’s ideal to make your video short and sweet.

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