How to Install Decals in Your Motorcycle: Tips for Beginners 

Installing a decal is a great way to change the appearance of your bike. It allows you to enhance the aesthetic appeal and customize your bike. However, the process can be daunting and you need information to do this right.

Here are the beginner’s tips for installing motorcycle decals.

1. Decide the decal’s location 

Deciding the location is the first step to installing Motorcycle decals. You’ll need to choose a place that will make your bike neat, professional and achieve the purpose of the decal. You can use masking tape to mark the spots or inquire from a specialist about the perfect installation space.

2. Clean the surface 

Once you’ve chosen the spot, the next step is to clean the surface and remove all residue. If there are blobs of glue, remove them and wash the area thoroughly. A mixture of alcohol and water or soap and water would clean the area. 

Remember to thoroughly rinse the surface with water until no residue or soap remains. Avoid using window cleaning products, as some residues might be left behind, ruining the installation of your decal.

3. Use a masking tape 

Positioning your decals can be a complex and tedious task. But with masking tape, holding your graphic in the position is easy. Place a piece of tape along the edges of your sticker to maintain its proper location. Use your thumb to press the center while holding on to the bottom for smooth installation. Do this by slowly lowering the decal and working from top to bottom.

4. Try heating the decal

Heating the decal is another trick to make the task easier. Heating it beforehand will enable you to fix any mess-ups quickly. It will help you bond the sticker to the surface to prevent it from peeling off. 

Alternatively, a pin or needle pokes all the tiny holes in air bubbles. Then use a squeegee to flatten the place for uniformity.

5. Install the decal during moderate temperatures 

Installing motorcycle decals is best to find a shaded area from sunlight. Also, do it under moderate temperatures to achieve the best results.

Benefits of installing Motorcycle decals 

The benefits of installing decals include:

  • Personalization: decals help your bike personalize and express yourself with your favorite color or style of the bike.
  • Covering a scratch or crack: Installing decals is a cheap and easy way to fix scratches or tiny cracks in your bike.
  • Paid promotions: You can put decals on your motorcycle for promotion purposes.
  • To show group affiliation, stickers on your bike can show your affiliation. For instance, if you’re a club member, you can put a decal that shows the club colors or flag to show your membership.
  • For special events: If you’re attending a wedding or birthday party, installing decals on your bike is a great way to dress for the occasion.


Don’t let installing motorcycle decals be a complex task. Instead, apply the above tips and nail it on the first try. You’ll get a professional, neat bike, and the decal will serve its purpose. Also, ensure you use a good-quality decal when buying.

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