Why are Used Cars so Cheap in the UAE?

Buying a used car in the UAE is a better and cheaper choice than to buy a new one. This research was given by CarSwitch.com where you can sell car in UAE in a swift and efficient way.

In the first year, vehicles in the UAE lose 20 to 30% of their value. Afterwards, it decreases by 15 to 20% each year. Due to the great discounts, drivers in UAE can buy more lucrative and distinct cars, the type of cars they can never budget for in other markets. Even though used cars are pre-owned, they have their own service contract and warranty which can not be found in brand new cars.

For instance, a study shows that in AED 106,000 you can get a 2011 Porsche Cayenne in the UK. However, in the UAE, you only need AED 88,000 for the same automaker and model. The same case is with the Nissan X-trail which costs AED 38,000 in the UK but UAE will give it to you for only AED 28,500.

If we further compare, the study reveals that the German market offers the 2013 Ford Explorer at AED 110,000. On the other hand, the UAE offers the same vehicle at AED 80,000. This change in prices is seen all the way to India too where in AED 55,000 you can have the 2013 Honda Accord. Opposed to this, the UAE takes only AED 40,000 to purchase the same car.

According to a 2018 Mapping the World’s Prices Report, Dubai is one of the cheapest places to buy a car. The report says you need $21,854 for the city whereas in Singapore which was the most expensive place, $86,412 were needed. The models in the used car market of Dubai boasts more supply than demand. Without haggling too much, it is possible to buy excellent deals even on luxurious cars.

Car Auctions

Purchasing a car in the UAE demands the buyer to carry out a private car valuation prior to the purchase. This is necessary because a few used cars dealerships do not provide any down payment which leads the buyer to have the complete amount before sealing the deal.

The experts suggest that buyers should do a valuation in order to gain the right amount from their finance. Some potential issues might arise in financing the buyers who want to buy cars older than 10 years. This is because a few banks in the UAE do not lend money for cars beyond a certain age limit.

Apart from that, the buyers are advised to be cautious about scammers. If you do not want to be scammed, all cars should be bought from credible and official showrooms only, both in the case of used and new cars. Also, you can look at custom jeeps for sale in Fullerton and purchase vehicles only from a reputable seller. 

The complex rules regarding debt also hold an influence. Even the most lucrative vehicles are sold at low prices or even discarded in some cases because they were indebted. Legal issues boost the turnover ratio of cars in UAE.

Whether new or old cars are practical, new vehicles provide more relaxation to the buyer’s mind as opposed to used cars. Buyers should remember that used cars require frequent maintenance, fixing and provide lesser guarantees.

However, if you buy a new car from an official agency, you will always have a platform you can turn to if something goes wrong. And since you will be the first ever owner of the car, you will be given full warranty coverage and will have complete authority on the history. 

Moreover, buyers are advised to know the risks of buying a new car. A comprehensive inspection of the history of that car is essential before deciding to buy it. Moreover, there is another advantage of buying a car in the UAE which has taken its sweet time to come into full effect.

Buyers have the option to see the full history of a used car through a government database. This means that all buyers have the luxury of being confident in the history and origin of any used car. This is why the used car market in UAE is so appealing.

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