3 Reasons Why SUVs Are Popular In 2022

When you think of utility vehicles, your mind could wander to bulky trucks that seem visually unappealing. However, that’s a thing of the past. Utility vehicles have evolved over the years, with designs that parallel some modern passenger cars.

Among these, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have occupied an important position in Riverside, a town known for its outdoor attractions. With popular sellers like a GMC dealer, Riverside offers an exhaustive list of options for individuals looking to get their hands on an SUV.

Before looking at the factors contributing to its popularity, let us understand what can be classified as a sport utility vehicle.

The Concept of Sport Utility Vehicles

In simple terms, utility vehicles and passenger vehicles serve different purposes. Similar to how the latter is aimed at carrying passengers comfortably, utility vehicles focus more on rugged roads. At the same time, they also offer a convenient mode of transportation for individuals.

Sport utility vehicles combine both, deriving the best of both worlds. They possess the elevated ground clearance of a utility vehicle while providing the comfort of a four-wheel drive. The United States is one of the leading countries in SUV sales, with 3.8 million units sold in 2019. California leads in terms of electric SUVs.

In an adventurous town like Riverside, SUVs can play a vital role. SUVs are made to handle collisions better than passenger cars because they’re larger and heavier than the latter. Because of this, they offer a perfect medium to explore hiking trails with a robust suspension. In addition, the comfort allows you to enjoy the journey while taking in all the attractive sights.

Apart from safety, what makes them popular among the masses?

Winter Driving

Here, winter can invite a copious amount of snow. With temperatures reaching 32 degrees Fahrenheit, traveling across the city without constantly changing tyres is not easy.

However, SUVs have made it possible. Their sturdy structure and massive wheels provide an unmatched grip on the snowy surface, allowing you to maneuver them comfortably. Not to mention, they can also handle rough weather without compromising on the comfort of the passengers inside.

Increased Cargo Space

SUVs offer an attractive middle ground for individuals who require cargo space without purchasing a utility vehicle. Although they may not possess more space than a dedicated utility vehicle, they are ideal for carrying more cargo than passenger cars.

For Riverside residents, this can be especially useful for volunteers transporting props and items during the illuminating Festival of Lights.

Attractive Look

Let’s face it – the modern era has placed a significant emphasis on design. SUVs are generally available in various colors, with towering and dominating structures that appeal to individuals. For instance, the GMC dealer in Riverside has some SUVs that may entice individuals as soon as they glance at them.

In addition to that, various reasons are contributing to the popularity of SUVs. Their competitive pricing is also a driving factor since it makes you think: Why not invest some more to break free from the shackles of a passenger car?

Summing Up

Hybrids have always taken the market by storm, and SUVs continue to prove it. With the available options on the market, you can feel spoilt for choice when picking your own vehicle.

But remember, a company’s reputation speaks . So, choose your SUVs carefully. Good luck!

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