How To Host A Winter Barbecue

Barbecue food doesn’t have to be limited to the summer. Sometimes you can’t beat the taste of grilled meat, charred vegetables and crunchy corn. And many people think you need the excuse of the sun to enjoy a barbecue meal. They’re wrong!

Even in colder temperatures, you can still get use out of your gas bbq. That doesn’t mean you have to sit out in the cold to enjoy your dinner, although if you have a fire pit you can make a nice outdoor evening of it.

From what to cook (our favourite has to be pizza cooked on the barbecue) to our top tips for winter grilling, here’s everything you need to know to host the best winter barbecue.

Top Tips For Winter Grilling

If you’ve never used your gas bbq in the winter before, you might be wondering how it works and what to avoid. It isn’t quite as simple as in the summer where you can slap your food on and let it do its thing. You have the wind to worry about, you might be cooking in a darker light and trying out more exciting meals than hot dogs. Here are our top tips.

Position Your Barbecue

The weather probably won’t be on your side, so it’s a good idea to put your barbecue as close as possible to your house for extra warmth. You can also take wind direction into account and position your gas bbq in a way that won’t catch the wind. Avoid any areas that could become a fire hazard, such as porches or gazebos.

Close The Lid

Keeping an open lid on the bbq during the winter is a no-go. It’s nice to watch your burgers sizzling away in the summer, but you need to keep the heat inside when cooking in the colder months. Make sure to keep the lid closed to avoid heat escaping, checking your food every now and then.

It’s All About the Equipment

During the winter you’re more likely to use a gas bbq to roast or slow cook your food. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on that distinctive charcoal flavour. You can buy briquettes to create the flavour you’re looking for without the hassle of using real charcoal in the winter. 

They’re also very easy to use. Once they’ve turned red and grey you can turn the gas off and get that unique charcoal flavour.

What To Cook

There’s a lot more you can cook on your gas bbq than just sausages and burgers. From a spatchcocked chicken to pizza, you can cook up some really tasty meals during the winter, making the barbecue experience completely different to a summer one.

We like to choose foods that are in season and fit the vibe of the winter. Think hearty meals instant with quick snack bites. Here are some of our favourite things to cook on the barbecue in the winter to inspire you.


You can’t go wrong with a steak, and the extra char from the barbecue will make it one of the best-flavoured meals you can make on your gas bbq during the winter. Pair it with some roasted veg, potatoes and your favourite sauce.

Spatchcocked Chicken

Roast chicken is a weekly staple during the winter – you can’t beat a hearty roast with all the trimmings when it’s cold outside. So why not give your oven a break and roast your chicken on your gas bbq? You can get that unique charred flavour to add a special something to your weekly roast dinner. It can give great results with crispy skin and moist chicken.

Grilled Pizza

Homemade pizza is a firm favourite. Homemade pizza cooked on a bbq? Your new firm favourite, we’re sure of it. It can give the impression of a stonebaked pizza with the charcoal essence running around the edges. 

You can get your hands on pizza stone made specifically for cooking pizzas on a bbq to create the ultimate pizza night. Put your favourite toppings on and enjoy!

Get The Most Out of Your Gas BBQ

There’s so much more you can do with your gas bbq than a couple of burgers and chicken skewers every weekend during the summer. Hopefully these ideas have opened your eyes to the variety of options you can try, no matter the weather.

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