How The Cropped Fleece Hoodie Became This Season’s Top Fashion Pick

Hoodies have become the go-to outerwear for people these days since they can be worn by anyone at any age. Moreover, hoodies can keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable whether you’re hiking in the woods or on a date at the cinema, which means that it’s perfect for nearly any occasion.

The hoodie hasn’t changed much since it was invented in the 1930s, and today, you can get them in a pullover or a zip-up style in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. But fashion experts have seen the potential of this beloved athleisure staple, so nowadays it’s common to see high-end or deconstructed hoodies on the runway. 

Moreover, a new type of hoodie design is growing in popularity as young men and women are now sporting cropped fleece hoodies to elevate their style. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Jaden Smith, and Justin Bieber have been spotted wearing cropped hoodies. Not only is it a great way to enhance your casual attire, but wearing a cropped hoodie is also very much on trend these days. Here’s how the cropped fleece hoodie became this season’s top fashion pick, and ways to wear it to look fabulous all year round.

A Quick Look at the History of the Crop Top

Some people think that the crop top is a recent invention, designed for modern individuals who want to express their unique style. But this isn’t the case at all since the crop top dates back to the 1940s. Back then, it was considered as a scandalous piece of clothing, and it didn’t gain widespread acceptance until the late 60s and early 70s when celebrities like Jane Birkin, Goldie Hawn, and Cher started wearing crop tops. 

In the 80s and early 90s, men wore crop tops to show off their physique and their hard work at the gym. If you do a quick search, you’ll find a couple of old pictures of Johnny Depp, Will Smith, and Mark Wahlberg wearing it. The crop top was also an essential item in a rock star’s closet, which is why Lenny Kravitz and Prince occasionally wore one onstage. 

Crop Tops and Hoodies Today

Today, it’s common for Gen Z to wear a crop top, and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Jungkook of BTS have been seen wearing it confidently for a fall campaign of a popular brand. Since cropped tees have had a resurgence, it’s no wonder that cropped hoodies became popular as well since they combine that appealing combination of comfort and style. Their versatility is also undeniable, which is why the cropped fleece hoodie has become a favorite of fashionistas worldwide.

Just like regular hoodies, cropped hoodies also come in a wide range of colors and sizes. It’s also flattering on different types of figures and can be worn casually or dressed up for special occasions. 

While most cropped hoodies in the market are plain, there are things that you can do to customize them. For instance, if you want a one-of-a-kind women’s cropped fleece hoodie by BELLA+CANVAS, you can get a few wholesale, and you can purchase as little or as much as you like so you can practice creating the design of your dreams. Consider adding a logo or artwork on the cropped hoodie, attach some hardware, or glue on a few rhinestones and other decorative materials to create a unique piece of clothing. 

Choosing a Cropped Fleece Hoodie 

There are several things that you should consider before buying a cropped fleece hoodie. First, think about the fit. Do you want it to fit snugly, or do you want to go a size up? Also, how much skin are you comfortable showing off? Ideally, a cropped fleece hoodie should end just above your waistline, and it should sit close to your body whether it’s zipped up or unzipped. For a cool look, make sure that it’s not too snug or too tight. For those who want a slightly more modest hoodie, choose one that’s cropped below the waist. 

You also need to see if the hood covers your head properly when it’s up. The tip of the hood should graze your eyebrows if you don’t want it to keep slipping off. But if style is the priority rather than function, then the size of the hood doesn’t matter at all. Just make sure that the hood doesn’t bunch around too much when it’s off your head. 

Styling Tips for Men

Most men may feel uncomfortable at the thought of wearing a cropped fleece hoodie in public. However, keep in mind that this piece of outerwear is for everyone, and it’s a great way to amp up your style. Start with a basic black cropped fleece hoodie and pair it with matching track pants or joggers. For a sporty look, consider wearing your cropped hoodie with athletic shorts. Accessorize with a ball cap and statement sneakers or walking shoes.

Not ready to bare some skin yet? Do what Bieber did at his 2022 concert and wear a white shirt under a gray cropped hoodie. Wear the hoodie unzipped, and pair it with matching joggers or jeans. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable wearing a cropped hoodie, experiment with more attention-grabbing colors, such as neon yellow, and try pairing it with black cargo or trouser-cut denim.

Styling Tips for Women

Women can wear a cropped fleece hoodie in so many ways. For instance, you can take style cues from Gigi Hadid, who famously wore a cropped beige hoodie over a black sports bra. The model paired her hoodie with a pair of black leggings and slip-on white sneakers. Meanwhile, her sister, Bella, gave her black cropped hoodie a utilitarian twist by wearing black parachute pants and black combat boots. If you’d rather rock Beyonce’s look from her iconic Coachella performance, wear a bright yellow cropped fleece hoodie with a logo or artwork on the front, and pair it with ultra-short denim shorts and knee-high boots. Don’t forget to accessorize with some trendy sunglasses

The cropped fleece hoodie is everywhere, and celebrities, as well as regular folks, can’t get enough of this stylish staple. Try adding one to your closet to elevate your style today! 

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