Tips To Buy The Most Comfortable Pair Of Walking Shoes For Men

A lack of arch support can cause foot pain. Adding an orthotic insole to your walking shoes will support your arch and help to relieve foot pain.

Men are often clad in a generic shirt, trousers, and a random pair of shoes. Noted as less fussy humans that take minimum time to get out and about in a day. Yet with a new season of change, we see men too are coming forward to make a mark in appearance. So here’s to all the men that want to feed their craving for style, 6 tips to own your most comfortable pair of walking shoes.

1.  Shoes that live

Wondering how a pair of walking shoes can live. It’s simple, it needs to breathe. You want to wear it all day and not feel stuffy and moody. Go for flexible knit upper covers that allow ample air to pass through keeping your feet cool. At any time of the day, be it when you wear it or when you take it off, the shoe should breathe\ the fact that it truly lives.

    2. Get the Right Fit

It may be in the blink of an eye that you spot it, your dream shoe. It looks like a stellar out-of-the-world creation made for you. Possibly exactly how you had imagined it to be. You pick it up, ask for the right size and you are elated when it’s available in your size. Hold it. This is when you need to step back and sit down. Try it on, does it feel comfy? Remember you need to let your fit live in it. Make sure that there is 1 inch in front of your feet allowing your toes room from the tip of the shoe and between each toe. Never compromise living space for style.

     3. Wear and tear

You may not find that shoe that never ages but there’s no harm in finding a walking shoe that ages gracefully. Choose a shoe that will last. One that can pick a hard fight with any terrain on which you take each step. You need a tough rubber outsole to ensure a good grip. Remember your shoe is a barrier to the outside world. Safety is key and you certainly don’t want to slip and end up hurt. Shoes that build on traction and keep you level and elevated with the surface are the highlight.

     4. Midsoles to ensure longevity

Midsoles will determine how long your feet will stay in a shoe. It’s the cushioning between the outsole and the upper sole of your shoe. PUMA’s midsole SOFTRIDE combined with the sock liner SoftFoam+ is designed and developed to offer that extra comfort in every step you take.

This is a mandate to ensure your feet are protected from each recoil with the surface. Keep your heel and foot sole cushioned to feel that in-house effect. Thus, it will balance out any awkward pains and aches in your joints and ensure you’re ready to stride forward effortlessly.

     5. Structure matters

Often we are driven by the mindset that tells us that flat shoes are key to flat surfaces. Well, this isn’t the case when looking for men’s walking shoes. You want a shoe that has a tip pointed upward from the surface of any terrain. Set the shoe on the floor and do a poke test. The top of the show box should be flexible enough to touch the surface and bounce right back. This will ensure that your heel is well stabilized with each stride. It will also stall the tendency to have a heel-to-toe stride while walking.

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     6. Value for money

Finally, you want to make sure you buy a mens’ walking shoe for a good price. Remember you don’t want to save on shoes keeping in mind they’re intended to save you. The right shoe can offer long-lasting comfort, happiness, and a safe and sturdy journey. There’s a wide price range that will offer you the freedom to choose one that fits your budget. Buy a shoe that does it all. Compare features and reviews from a large online and offline collection and then settle for the right price.

Choosing a walking shoe may seem complicated but always note that the right choice will put you one step ahead. Comfort is a mandate that can never be replaced. Going through these tips along with your master plan to find the right shoe for your next walk will take you places.

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