How to Choose The Best Ring For Your Finger

There are many factors involved when choosing the best ring for your finger. People often ask us what are the best rings for long fingers, hands with a knuckle bump, large hands, or small hands. But what type of ring would look best on you often contributes to the confusion. People also tend to forget the ring size when they purchase a diamond. A good jeweler would ask you about the size of your finger so he can adjust it accordingly. People with smaller hands tend to go for thinner and more narrow rings. Those with large hands get rid of the idea of going with thin bands since it would look odd on their fingers. Royal Design Fine Jewelry offers many different styles of engagement rings in Atlanta. We have something for everyone. Choosing the right ring for your finger can be tough. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, and it’s important to get one that fits you perfectly. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect ring.

Best Ring for Long Fingers

If your partner has long fingers, you should consider getting a wide ring with lots of sparkles. A long finger will look even longer if there’s not much on it, so go for something bold and beautiful. If you want to keep things simple but want to make a statement, consider getting a gold band with diamonds on it. You can also go for an eternity band with small diamonds all around it!

Best Ring for Short Fingers

Short fingers can make it hard to find an engagement ring that fits properly, but luckily, there are some great options out there! You can choose from styles such as halo rings or eternity bands with smaller stones than traditional engagement rings. Also, if your budget allows it, you could get two separate rings instead of one large one – this way, they can be worn together or separately if desired!

Best Ring for Full Fingers

If your fingers are fuller at the top, try wearing a thicker band on top of a thinner band or stack multiple rings together for added visual interest. This will also help draw attention away from gaps or bumps along the sides of your finger.

Best Ring for Bony Fingers

If your fingers are bony, then you should opt for thin bands or those with a low profile. You can also choose diamond rings with a small band and thin shank to avoid looking bulky around your finger. You can even choose an eternity band if you want something simple and elegant on your finger. However, if you want something that has a little more detail, consider choosing an engagement ring with a thicker band and finer details like shanks and prongs that will make it look more elegant around your finger.

Best Ring for Big Hands

If you have larger hands, you’ll need a wider band or heavier setting to make your ring look proportional. The opposite is true if you have smaller hands; a thinner band will help keep things balanced out.

Best Ring for Small Hands

Choose a ring that is simple and understated. If you have small hands, don’t choose something with lots of detail or sparkle! You want people to notice your gorgeous new engagement ring, not it’s setting. Consider colored gemstones such as sapphires or rubies instead of diamonds. You can also get a diamond cut in an oval shape instead of a round one, so there’s less metal on the sides of your finger! This will make it look bigger than if it were round-cut.

Royal Design Fine Jewelry

If you’re looking for a ring, you likely have a special event coming up. Whether that be for your own wedding, proposing marriage to someone, or just looking for the perfect gift for someone else. Don’t rush it. Your ring choice is meaningful and important as a symbol of love and commitment. Consider your options to ensure you have the best wedding ring in Atlanta for your finger. Be it diamond or gemstone, platinum or white gold, or even tungsten carbide.

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