Help Families Choose the Best Produce at Your Grocery Store

When it comes to shopping for produce, the name of the game is freshness.

Nobody wants to spend money on fresh produce only to find it overripe, rotten, or flavourless when they get it home. Fortunately, learning how to pick produce correctly can help you avoid disappointment—and figure out how to save money on groceries by not wasting any of your purchases.

When shoppers ask for help finding the best quality produce, here are some tips and suggestions for picking the best produce!

Examine the Surface

When purchasing produce, inspecting the surface of the fruits and vegetables is critical. In general, you should check for any bumps, bruises, or scratches. A healthy piece of produce will also have uniform coloration.

Check the Softness

Pick up a root vegetable, such as garlic, onions, or potatoes, to see how firm it is. If the vegetable has cracks or is too soft, do not purchase it. Citrus fruits should not be too firm, or they will be dry on the inside.

Use Your Nose

All fruits and vegetables have a strong odour, which isn’t always good. If the smell is too strong, or if you detect any other unusual odours, consider purchasing another piece of produce. Overripe fruits have a strong odour.

Enhance Your Display Tables

If your grocery store’s produce displays are old and unappealing, it may give the impression that the product itself is older than it is. Assist in the display of your fresh produce on a fresh display table.

Unlike many other products sold in a grocery store, a produce section changes with the seasons. If you want to maximize sales, you should adjust your produce section according to the season. Today, try out a new grocery store produce display.

You probably already know what seasonal products you carry if you own or manage a grocery store with a produce section. Try promoting more sales this year by providing customers with free recipes that include those items and dedicated displays, all on a new and appealing produce table.

Selecting the Best Tomatoes

A good tomato should be shiny and bright, with no blemishes. Its flesh should be firm with a little give. The tomato should smell sweet and earthy and be heavy for its size.

Selecting the Best Iceberg Lettuce

Clean outer leaves with tightly bunched inner leaves. When squeezed, good iceberg lettuce should have a solid, firm head and feel heavy.

Selecting the Best Citrus (such as lemon, limes, and oranges)

Skin that is smooth, shiny, and heavy. With citrus fruit, the heavier, the better: more juice is stored inside. Furthermore, these citrus fruits should be fragrant without the need to peel the skin.

Selecting the Best Sweet bell peppers

The stem is a great place to start when it comes to sweet pepper quality. It’s also worth noting the colour. A green stem indicates that the pepper is fresh and has not been sitting on the shelf for an extended period.

Peppers are available in a variety of colours, including green, yellow, orange, red, and purple. Select peppers that are bright, vibrant, and uniform in colour. Avoid peppers that show signs of browning or discoloration, as this could indicate that the pepper is beginning to rot.


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