How to start a conversation with one you love?

Sometime in life we do acts what we have never done before, we think in way that we have never thought, we talk and smile like we never had. But do you know when someone become like this?

It’s simple to guess as almost every one of us who is reading this article have gone through the phase of “Love”. For those that have never experienced love you would probably like Ripper casino bonuses so that even if you’re cold and alone you’ll at least be rich.

Yes, we are talking about that stage of life where the new flowers start blossoming in the garden of love. But for a flower to attract bumblebee or a bumblebee to get close to flower they need to talk. In every relationship which are at the budding stage, the love birds involve in it feels little nervous when it comes to start conversation.

A couple of what and hows revolving around your head before sending hey/hello. The most common questions that we ask ourselves before starting a conversation are like ‘Will she/he think that I am desperate if I text her first?’ ‘Do they feel for me the way I feel for them?’ ‘Will it be too early to ask for something or start texting?’

And this castle of questions goes on. But let me tell you once that if you think it’s too early to start then you never know when it might get too late to start. Always remember a right time will never come in your life, it’s you who makes the time right.

In this article, we would explain to you some of the useful tricks or we can say ‘approaches’ that you should try to begin the journey of your relationship. But before you start reading it, get things clear in your mind if you really want to talk with this person in your life. If your answer is Yes, then let’s take a position and take dive into the words of love which will help you to initiate the conversation with one you love.

What are the approaches you should consider to start a conversation with one you love?

It’s always a battle or we can say a confusion between people in love that “who will start first”. You kept waiting for other to start and vice-versa. So, its better for you to take a step before someone else gather all his/her positive energy and start talking to the one you are willing to.

Let’s begin with our first step and then the next you should go with.

  • A Genuine Smile When Standing Alongside THE One

Before you start sharing words, first get a little confirmation that whether they are interested in talking with you or not. The simplest and perhaps the most used approach is to “smile.” If the feelings are mutual, there is high possibility that when you will look at them smiling, they will smile back. This somewhere signs towards the eager of starting conversation is from both the side. So, forget the phrase, “ladies first or something” and take a step ahead.

  • Send Them Greetings

Who doesn’t love to be greeted or especially when it done by someone with whom you are building a new connection. Its always good when you add little efforts to make someone happy. Sending greetings will make it easy for you to start a conversation and then help you to take it a bit longer by adding some more stuff into it.

Messages like “Good morning”, “How are you”, “Hope you are doing well” “Enjoy you day” or any such messages that can make someone feel like you care for them. Also, instead of getting baffle in thoughts about how to start? Use these greeting messages. It will not only give you an idea what to talk about but also make your partner feel good.

  • Ask Them About Their Day

When you stuck between a conversation or got shortage of topic to talk about, ask them about their day. Asking about how someone spent their day makes them happy and good. It creates a feeling of affinity. Also, when someone asks about your day, you get someone with whom you can share your emotions either happiness, sadness or whatever happened with you.

If you think they are special, make them feel so. Conversation between partner is not always about sharing love chats but sometimes it also about showing interest in your partner things as well.

  • Choose Any Topic To Discuss

If you have left with nothing to talk about, use any topic like whatever comes to mind. It is not necessary that the conversation should always be meaningful or concerning about something important. It’s okay to try something not important.

Ask them about their diary-list if they have, plan about some adventurous trip, share your to do list with them, and many more like these. This will help you to know more about partner, their likes/dislikes and hobbies and also gives you topic to extend your conversation.

  • Share Some Humorous Stuff

Anything that develops between two people, needs a composition of every necessary thing. As like you can grow plant by just watering it, similarly, you cannot make your relationship healthy or alive for a long time if it has no humor. Like all the other things which we have discussed above, along with that a good sense of humor is also very important.

We cannot talk emotional or love conversation all the time. Laughter is also important. Share jokes/memes with them and enjoy laughing together. Also, it will give you a point to talk as well.

  • You Can Try Sweet Flirt

How would you feel if someone praise you? Or when someone compares you with something beautiful or precious? Indeed, it always brings smile to your face. So, if you feel happy when someone does this for you then why can’t you do the same for your partner?

Either say words about their dress, look, eyes, nature, or compare them with someone or something beautiful. Obviously, when someone is in relationship, they make efforts for you. So, now its your turn to praise what they have done for you. It will create a good connection between couple and also give you topic share words on.

  • Good Night Messages

It does not matter how you start if you make the ending well. Just drop a sweet message before you go to sleep. I assure you the morning will be great, indeed. Viewing your lovely message before sleeping will give them good time to think about you.


To start a conversation always make anyone nervous but it’s not that tough to begin. Just sit silently in peace and read the above methods which are just made for you. Add these methods in your to-do list and try it once. It will work indeed. Further, please let us know what else we should write for you from the next time.

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