The Sugar Daddy Business: Undercover Prostitution?

In the era of “love in times of Tinder”, I have decided to fully immerse myself in a sentimental business that is gaining more ground every day: “sugar dates”. Love is based on the economic stability that your partner can give you… And on what you are willing to give. Possibly, more than one will be surprised to discover that you are not only selling your company, but also your body.

How relationships and the concept of love have changed in recent years! If Romeo raised his head, he would probably avoid being poisoned by his dearest Juliet and would make the occasional match. No, I’m not talking about Tinder: rather, being from a wealthy family, he would become a successful Sugar Daddy.

As defined by sugardaddyseek, one of the most popular portals in this type, a Sugar Daddy is a man who offers support, of a financial or material nature, to a Sugar Baby. The latter can be both men and women, usually much younger than the one who supports them. They have an attractive, fun, spontaneous and adventurous profile. Let’s say that, in short, a Sugar Daddy can have a  talented life,  but with a void that is filled by his companion.

If the concept does not sound familiar to you, it is quite normal: it’s landing in our country is quite recent, while in other parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and part of Latin America, these interactions are the order of the day. and, its trend, upward. This has been certified by the founder of the sudy application,  Kurt Hou, which has hundreds of newly registered users every day throughout the world. Hou believes that women are becoming more involved in  “sugar dating”  thanks to a strong attraction to a  life full of luxury.

Sudy has not yet arrived in Spain, but it will surely not take too long to be available in the stores of our mobile devices. Why? The answer is simple: it uses the same style as the  Tinder interface so that the “No” and the “Like” are achieved simply by sliding your finger on the screen to the left or right, respectively. In this way, users are spared the trauma of contacting through websites that offer the same service, quite obsolete and dysfunctional. Although we will talk about that later.

The limits of sugar babies

Controversy is the order of the day when talking about  Sugar Daddies. And… it’s quite understandable. People don’t normally imagine such an idyllic story as in  Pretty Woman: a handsome  Richard Gere hires a vulgar but charming  Julia Roberts, who works as a  prostitute A luxury suit, designer clothes and events in the highest sphere of Los Angeles make these two opposite characters fall in love.

How much does this differ from reality? Before diving into the world of “sugar dates”, I decided to do some research.

The first thing was to find out what the profile of my Sugar Daddy candidates could be like. How would those men be who were willing to pay simply for my company. To take me to expensive places, invite me to good wine and give me the occasional whim. Those who dare to “pamper me”, as they say.

Psychologists and sexologists agree: these men tend to be insecure when it comes to having a relationship on equal terms and resort to money to avoid having to like a girl for the way she is. In this way,  they reduce anxiety by being able to feel questioned, without having to prove anything because they are directly buying it. On the other hand, they can be somewhat narcissistic people who care more about the appearance of having a partner,  without any type of sentimental bond. Including, of course,  sex … Although this is not supposed to be allowed.

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Looking for a Sugar Daddy

First of all, I dedicated myself to reading certain warnings about this peculiar “business”. For example, it is highly recommended to create an alter ego  o protect your identity. At the end of the day, it is a somewhat swampy terrain that we do not want to bring unpleasantness or problems. Then, there are basic things that it is worth remembering: do not give your card number  (the account number is not so relevant, unless you are afraid that they will make a deposit), be careful with your personal data  and with those who ask you too much for your private life … I was pleasantly surprised to see that the very pages I registered on warned me of this type of detail. A point in your favor.

My first approach was with  Sugar Daddy Spain. You really don’t have to add more than your name, username, relationship status, age and something about yourself. The photos are optional… But of course, in the end you will enter for the view. This is how it goes:  they want to brag about you, a priori personality is secondary.

It didn’t take long for the first messages to come in. At first,  I went with the flow when they asked me what I was looking for. “Someone to go out with, have fun, go to dinner, have a good time…  I want to pamper and be pampered .” That’s the philosophy of  “sugar dates” , right?

I’m not lying if I say that three messages later, they were already proposing to meet me,  offering sex in exchange for money. A large majority were married men who asked for maximum discretion … Their intentions were more than evident. It seems that the filter that Pablo Romero established on his website, based on a  monthly subscription for men, does not fully work.

The interface of the pages is quite uncomfortable: it takes a long time to load, and trying to communicate through chat can be frustrating. It’s the perfect excuse for potential  Sugar Daddies to ask for your phone number and talk more comfortably.

“Perhaps on other websites, it will be different”, I thought. And so  I signed up for  Sugar Daters. Although their appearance is also quite poor, you have many more options when it comes to presenting yourself: height, weight, tattoos, piercings… To have everything much clearer without having to ask the person. Although perhaps the most positive thing about this website is that the profiles are manually validated, including the possibility of verifying the profile through a photo with the guidelines indicated. In this way it is much more complicated to skip the filter, and you make sure that the users are real.

Nothing new. Men between 35 and 65 years old looking for young girls to have fun with… Yes, also in bed. At least they say it openly, lest you get the scare of the century later.

In a last desperate attempt to find a  sugar daddy that fit his definition,  without bed issues involved, I turned to the most popular internationally:  Seeking Arrangement. 

The level goes up. The profiles, apparently, are more careful. The aesthetics of the page is much better and its chat works smoothly. Will there be luck?

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