Hair Transplants: What to Expect

Hair transplants used to be something that was rarely spoken about and reserved for celebrities. Now, many of them are simple, efficient, effective, and affordable for many.
However, when undergoing any sort of surgery, it only makes sense to be a little on the apprehensive side, so knowing what to expect can help ease that nervousness and put your mind at ease.

This piece is going to take a look at what you can expect from a hair transplant if you decide to go ahead with one!

1)   Find Out if You Are Eligible

As with every procedure, it is important that you undergo a consultation to make sure a hair transplant is the right treatment for you. It might be that you are not compatible with a certain type of hair transplant but are fine with another. It might be that you are unable to have any. Any professional will be ready to go through the options with you and make sure to do an assessment to be certain that this procedure can be done safely and well.
If you have any questions – never be afraid to ask them.

2) Choosing a Professional Clinic for Your Transplant

Where you get your transplant will perhaps be the most important consideration to have. The procedures are similar everywhere, but everything else, such as professionalism, qualifications, hygiene, patient comfortability, and other factors, will make or break your experience.
Make sure to go to a qualified practitioner such as Harley Street Hair Transplants, who are stars in the industry, and do not settle for anything that does not feel right – even if it is cheaper!

They will then help you choose which hair transplant will suit you best and what that choice will entail.

3)   Recovery Time

Recovery time will always vary from person to person. However, the downtime for these procedures generally is very little. On average, people can return to work after three days. However, it is vital that the transplanted hairs are not disturbed as the grafts will not be secure for around two weeks after. It takes, on average, around six months for your new hair to start coming through, but a month after your procedure, your routine should be able to go back to normal.

4)   Side Effects to Expect

Nothing ever comes without side effects, does it? And hair transplants are not exempt. Thankfully, they are usually relatively mild and should not have an effect on your day-to-day life too much. You might find that your scalp feels tight and itchy for a couple of days, and some even may experience swelling. Some temporary scabbing can happen, and you might also find you have tiny scars from where the procedure was performed.

Your hair transplant surgeon should also go through with you some of the ‘worst case scenarios’ such as infection, bleeding, anesthetic allergic reactions, and the transplant is not taking, though your surgeon should talk you through all of these prior to the procedure.

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