Hail Damage Repair Moorooka: Tips on How to Fix Hail Car Damage

Lightning and thunderstorms are the original causes of hail. These storms usually happen in January to April and September to December. Hail damage could cause car rust and corrosion if left attended for a long time.

Hence, it’s best to take your car to an auto body shop for repairs right away. A hail repair centre in Moorooka can give your car the quality touch it needs. This article will cover hail damage repair in Moorooka, what a hail response team can do for you, and other topics.

Why Fix Your Car Dent Before the Next Hail Season

Leaving your dented car unattended for too long may cause it to rust or corrode. Also, if there’s another hailstorm while your car is still in bad shape, the storm will damage it even more. Another reason why hail repair experts recommend a quick fix is hail damage estimation takes longer than other types of car damage.

If you’re taking your car for a hail damage repair moorooka, note that the repair expert will first estimate the level of the dents on all body panels. Additionally, your insurance company may send out an inspection team to assess the level of the dent before giving you an estimate.

Usually, hail damage repair in Moorooka takes longer than other car repairs, because the technician needs to carefully work on the dent areas without ruining the paint job.

What Can a Hail Response Team Do for You?

A hailstorm can leave several dents on your car and ruins its looks. However, there’s no need to panic as an expert hail response team can fix all the dents without ruining your car’s looks. With all that being said, here are some reasons to take your car to an expert hail response team for hail repair in Moorooka:

  • Cutting Edge Repair Tools and Methods

Most hail damage experts use cutting-edge tools and techniques to address car dent issues. One of these techniques is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

This method is more effective, reliable, and affordable than most conventional methods. Additionally, this repair method allows the mechanic to fix your car dents without ruining the factory paint finish.

  • Highly Certified Technicians

Only a highly skilled and certified technician can perform mobile paintless dent removal in Brisbane. The PDR process requires years of training, and it involves the use of several metal rods to push out all the dents. Taking your car to a hail repair shop helps ensure that only the best experts are servicing your car.

  • Repair and Insurance Guarantee

Most hail repair facilities in Brisbane offer repair guarantees. This repair guarantee ensures that you receive quality service for the duration of your vehicle ownership. Another advantage of choosing hail repair facilities is that they make everything easier with your insurance company. 

Simply drop your car off at the shop, and the company will handle the paperwork with your insurance provider.

  • Multiple Repair Options

Besides PDR, a hail repair shop will provide you with various options for repairing your dented vehicle. These hail repair methods include glazing, crack repair, body panel replacement, etcetera.

Steps to Take When Fixing Hail Damage

A hailstorm can damage or dent your car. Hail damage can be minor at times and severe at others. If the hail damage on your car is severe, then you need to take it to a repair shop right away. Once you arrive at the repair shop, ensure you follow these three steps before getting your car fixed:

  • Find Out Which Dents the Technician Can Fix With a PDR

As you may already know, hail damage exposes your car to rust, corrosion, and other chemical damage. If a hailstorm causes a severe dent in your car, it can also affect other car functions, such as the door and trunk’s locking mechanism.

However, a PDR technician can help you access the damage and tell you which dents can be fixed paintlessly. Plus, this method has a faster turnaround time and allows you to maintain the car’s original paint.

  • Estimate the Cost

Next, ensure you get a free estimate of the cost from the technician. This estimate should cover the list of parts and labour costs. Make sure the list includes as much information as possible about the labour costs and the parts you must pay for. Getting an estimate will help you get a fair deal. Also, this documentation will come in handy when speaking with your insurance company or arranging certain repairs.

  • Get an Estimate From Your Car Insurance Company

Ensure your insurer runs an estimate of the damage before agreeing to repairs. Their estimates may differ from those you receive following an inspection, especially if the company didn’t inspect the car before the repairs. Before making any repairs, have your insurer provide you with a fair check of the amount to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Much Does It Cost to Fix Hail Damage?

The cost of fixing a hail damage repair in Moorooka depends on the severity of the dent. However, you can expect to spend between $30 to $55 for small dents and over $75 for larger dents.

Also, because a hailstorm can cause so many dents on your vehicle’s surface, the cost of repairs can quickly pile up. Insurance claims for hail damage repair usually cost $3,000 on average. So, you may have to cover the entire cost of the repairs if the insurance company doesn’t provide coverage.

  • When Do You Need a Paintless Dent Removal?

You may need paintless dent removal in Brisbane if traditional repair methods can’t restore the looks of your car. If traditional methods can’t fix the dent, the repairs will be done using paintless dent removal.

  • What Does Pre-Loss Condition Mean?

After estimating the severity of the dent, the technician will take note of any non-hail damage. The car’s condition, including this damage, is called the vehicle’s pre-loss condition. However, the insurance company won’t cover any damage to the car that isn’t a result of the hailstorm.

  • What Happens During the Hail Estimation Process

During the estimation process, the technician or estimator will inspect your vehicle and take note of the severity and number of dents on your car. The estimator will go over everything and give you a printed  copy upon completing the assessment.


A hailstorm can cause severe damage to your car and ruin its looks. Also, leaving the damage unattended for too long can cause the vehicle to rust or corrode. But not to worry, there are several hail experts in Brisbane that can make your vehicle look as good as new. Most hail repair shops use the paintless dent removal method to fix the dents.

This procedure is less invasive, more reliable, faster, and cheaper. If you’re taking your car for hail damage repair in Moorooka, ensure that the technician and insurance company run an estimate of the costs first. Also, hire the services of an experienced hail repair company for better services.

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