Car Buying Now Made Easier with These X Ways

Our buying habits are changing because of the current pandemic and the more significant trend of everything shifting online. We’re now able to buy a wide range of goods, including used vehicles, from the comfort of our smartphones and laptops. Customers get all the information they need to make an informed vehicle purchase online.

Buying a car online may seem strange at first; after all, aren’t their showrooms and test drives involved, but it’s simple.

If you do not know where to begin your search for a used car online, below is a compiled list of the X amazing used car websites and markets for your convenience. 

We’ll look at the most popular UK used vehicle buying sites, as well as Facebook and eBay, because used car sales are so prevalent on these sites.

  1. YesAuto: 

To make the car-buying experience as simple as possible for clients, YesAuto was founded just a few years ago. To accomplish this, it has created an online community and a user-friendly platform to aid in the car-buying process.

A unique grading system allows visitors to rate automobiles depending on their personal preferences. In addition to their 360 panoramic VR technology and test drive scheduling system, the site aims to make car purchasing fun and straightforward. 

With the platform’s Build Your feature, customers may customize everything from the exterior and wheels to the interior upholstery of their dream automobile.

  1. Auto Coin Cars:


Auto coin cars are the leading website to buy used car in UK through bitcoin. Since it has been in business for decades, Auto coin car has built a reputation as the UK’s largest and most popular website that helps people get their dream car through cryptocurrency. 

Its bitcoin technology and intelligent search filters are what bring in so many users. Searches may be narrowed down to a specific fuel type, size, efficiency, and even pollution levels. If you’re looking for a particular vehicle, there are several filters you may use.

 You may also apply for insurance or financing while you’re at it. Although many individual sellers utilize the site, most of the vehicles displayed here come from licensed and independent dealers.



Motors. Co is the second-best used-car website after Autotrader because Autotrader has a far more extensive inventory. Engines. Co-site has made significant progress in recent years and provides several user-friendly features.

Clear visuals, organized by price and usefulness, make it simple to set search filters. In addition, there is a tool to assist customers in pricing and advertising their automobiles. To help you make a more informed decision, Motors. 

Co includes automobile reviews, much like Autotrader. But they can be a little deceiving because they’ll frequently be for an earlier model, even though the image provided is for the most recent version of the phone. 

Franchised dealers and private merchants are only a handful of the many sources of merchandisers (though the latter are few and far between.

  1. HeyCar:

HeyCar differentiates itself by partnering solely with chosen franchised dealerships. Aside from listing high-quality used cars, it boasts “Buying a used car never felt so good” because of this. All the vehicles are under eight years old and currently have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer. 

A 10-day money-back guarantee is also included with each car. The site aims to improve customer confidence in a used vehicle and van sales by establishing a new standard of transparency between buyers and sellers. 

Over 550 models are reviewed in detail, and you can follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to buy, own, and sell each one.

  1. Cazoo:


Buy a car from the comfort of your couch, entirely online. With no hidden costs, Cazoo promises to have the best pricing. All Cazoo’s automobiles have never been stolen or involved in a significant accident.

 There are no ongoing financing or insurance difficulties, and Cazoo is completely honest about the number of owners each car has had. A thorough inspection and repair are performed on each vehicle. For £50, you can either pick it up in person or have it delivered to your house.

  1. CarGurus:

CarGurus is an excellent source for anyone looking for a deal. The site ranks advertising based on pricing and dealer reputation and informs customers of market prices. In addition, you can view how long a car has been featured on the site, as well as the price variations that have occurred. 

What’s the gist of the matter? With it, you’ll have access to all the details you need to get a great deal on the car you desire. To let you know how much you may save, it will classify price reductions as “Fair” or “Great.”

  1. Cinch:

Cinch’s slogan is “take the faff out of buying a used car.” One of their distinguishing features is that all their vehicles are less than seven years old and less than 70,000 miles. With a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day warranty, Cinch gives its consumers a sense of security. 

A 225-point inspection and at least six months of MOT are required for all their vehicles. Initially, it asks about your budget, what kind of driving you do (highways, A roads, rural roads), and if you plan to part with your current vehicle before making a ‘Top’ recommendation before presenting you with a variety of additional options from the dealer’s inventory.

  1. Carzam:

Carzam’s goal is to make you pleased as soon as you arrive on their website. The site does an excellent job of conveying the company’s mission of keeping things simple and direct. Selecting a vehicle from Carzam’s selection pages is simple, and you have the option of picking up your car from one of the company’s sales centers or having it delivered to your house. 

With a 14-day money-back guarantee if the customer changes his mind, Carzam provides the standard 100-day warranty with breakdown protection, roadside assistance, and access to their dedicated mobile app.

 Purchasers may use a comprehensive search section to customize their filter to narrow down the options. There are options for everything from the make and model down from minimum and maximum price, age, mileage, fuel type, color, and even CO2 emissions. After that, you have the choice of paying in total upfront or creating a payment plan.

  1. Facebook Marketplace:


Who knew you could buy and sell used cars on Facebook? You may buy and sell almost anything on Facebook Marketplace, including used vehicles since created in 2016. Click ‘Go to Marketplace’ and then put ‘used vehicles’ into the search box to begin your search.

 Facebook Marketplace’s primary advantage is that you can use it on several devices. Given that the vendors aren’t anonymous, it’s also more secure than some other sites because every seller on the Marketplace must have a Facebook account.

However, it is not entirely devoid of fraud like with most platforms. A separate car history checker may be helpful in this regard since it can cross-check vehicle information with the Marketplace.

10. eBay:


eBay is also an excellent site to look for used cars. Some of the features on eBay are interesting and useful. Additionally, they have a “ask a question” email tool and a virtual showroom to showcase their products. In contrast to other online marketplaces, such as Facebook’s, eBay protects purchasers from fraud.

Although being a fantastic marketplace, eBay may be an attractive place to ‘panic bid.’ Even if you discover a great offer, it’s necessary to take a little time and perform some basic research before making a final decision. Gumtree is similar in that vendors may be more anonymous.

Final Thoughts:

All the websites given above are the most popular and unique websites to buy used cars in the UK, but each of the above websites is slightly different and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

 As a rule, the type of vehicle you’re trying to purchase will have a significant impact on how much you’ll be able to afford, as well as whether you’d like to buy privately or via a dealer. If this blog is helpful, do let us know in the comments below.

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