5 Quad Bike Accessories Every Rider Must Have

If you’re planning to buy a quad bike, you’re also going to need other accessories to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your bike. However, it might seem unnecessary, and you might be tempted to simply stick with the basics — the bike itself and some fuel. But these quad bike accessories are very helpful, more than you know.

First, what is a quad bike?

A quad bike, more commonly known as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), is a four-wheeled open motor vehicle with one to two seats. It has large tires because it is designed for rough grounds.

A quad bike’s seat allows the rider to straddle. The bike also has hand bars, allowing the operator to have full steering control. 

Must-have accessories for your quad bike

Aside from riding it, designing is one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of owning a quad bike. So now, for the fun part, actually, here are the accessories you should have for your quad bike.

  • Cargo Carrier

A cargo carrier is perfect for long trips because you’re probably going to bring many things. And the space of the bike itself would not be enough.

You can install a cargo carrier at the back of your bike so it will not stick out on either side. It is the perfect accessory to add extra space to your bike to fit more trip essentials, like a beer cooler.

  • Seat Covers

Seat covers are necessary if you want more cushion and additional comfort when riding the bike. They are also a good cover if you have a damaged seat. Besides, who wants to see damages on their bike? You can use seat covers immediately after buying a new quad bike to protect its seat.

You can choose between a padded or non-padded seat. If you only aim to protect your seat or hide damages, a non-padded seat would be ideal. But a padded seat is always the safest option, especially if you’re looking for comfort and avoiding back pains.

  • Thumb Assist

The throttle of the bike is used to control your speed. However, pushing and releasing it can cause pain and fatigue in your thumb because it is typically small, and large hands would have difficulty controlling the throttle.

A thumb assist is often larger than the throttle control by an inch or two. This size increase is such a huge help in controlling the bike. Find a thumb assist with a universal model to ensure that you can use it on any quad bike or ATV. 

  • Battery Charger

Another must-have for any quad bike owner is a battery charger. You actually never know when your battery is going to run out of energy. It will suck if it runs out during a ride. It will suck if it runs out during a ride.

Always remember to charge your battery, especially if you know you’re going to use it for a long trip.

  • Winch

A winch is another essential accessory for any trip using your ATV. It will be your best friend once you get stuck in the mud, for example. If it happens, you can easily connect your winch cable to a nearby post or tree and pull your bike out of the mud.

Along with the ATV itself, other quad bike accessories like cargo carrier, seat cover, thumb assist, battery charger, winch, etc., are also essential to make any trip more fun and easier.

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