Find out the Top Features of NextGen Meditouch EHR

About NextGen Meditouch EHR

MediTouch EMR software (now recognized as NextGen Office) used to be server-based, but after taking into account the problems that healthcare providers faced, it revolutionized medical record-keeping by switching to a web-based approach. Users can now access it from any device with an internet connection. Nextgen Meditouch is a custom-made solution that can be tailored to a healthcare practice’s specific needs.

Top NextGen Meditouch EHR Features

Clinical Documentation Abstract

A centralized Data Abstraction crew can now extract useful data from digital and paper documents. Records are filed in the client chart within 24 hours, and medical data is inserted as discrete values in the EHR. Based on previous use of similar services, suppliers can expect to save about 20 minutes per day, and assistance employees can anticipate saving about two hours per day.

Better medical information access aids in improving care quality while lessening overall costs. Orders are sealed when results are obtained, for example, which helps to avoid unneeded tests and procedures. Meditouch NextGen Clinical Document Abstraction may provide physicians with relief from the stress of document searching and more time to spend on self-care, family, and friends.

Mobile Solutions

Make your smartphone an integral part of your practice by removing yourself from your EHR. With NextGen Mobile, an easy-to-use cloud-based system that links with most EHRs, you can optimize clinical documentation and collaboration. With Nextgen mobile app, you can practice anytime, anywhere to relieve the stress of organizational tasks and create a healthier work-life balance. Suppliers can devote more time to clients by using the cloud-based 3MTM M*Modal Fluency Direct to document faster, more efficiently, and accurately. Dictation in real-time and with high accuracy can be done on any device, from anywhere. Check out the clinical schedules. Safely capture and communicate clinical images and text in your EHR. View clinical content that has been synced from your EHR. Data from different EHRs can be shared between caregivers.

Using NextGen Virtual Visits, facilitate suppliers to see clients via telehealth straight on their mobile devices. To better organize your workload, you can access your projects and supplier approval queue items from anywhere at any time. Evaluate, regenerate, and write prescriptions on the go with mobile e-prescribing. NextGen Mobile Plus also includes charge capture, specific diagnostic code capture (energized by IMO), and speech-to-text, transcription, and virtual scribe options for recording the medical encounter. With a powerful digital pen, you can enter discrete information directly into your EHR. By digitizing data forms such as PHQ9s, screening techniques, care plans, and healthcare, family, and community history surveys, NextPen saves time for clinicians and patients.

Patient Engagement Management

Patient engagement has been reshaped by consumerism, client expectations, and COVID-19. A digital client experience system satisfies these requirements in a secure EHR platforms, convenient, and seamless manner. With a single portal that includes a comprehensive client portal, client self-booking, virtual visits, and digital payment options, you can offer 24/7 access to care. With a fully customizable solution that incorporates most EHRs and PMs, you can achieve your medical and financial objectives. Clients can make consultations at any time that is convenient for them online. This method relieves staff burdens, reduces no-shows, and increases revenue. Patients can pay before, during, and after consultations using a variety of payment methods, which boosts the speed and quantity of your revenue.

Clients can quickly upgrade their data before consultations using online forms, which assist keep records reliable. Instead of clogging up phone lines, clients can use the portal to ask queries and receive answers. Providers can securely communicate with patients via the patient portal at any time. Conduct online visits to improve everyone’s access to care and convenience.

Financial Management

Clients are prepared for upcoming consultations with NextGens automated, targeted alerts (by mobile, email, and text). Consultation reminders, balances due, practice notifications, recall notifications, and client satisfaction surveys are all made simple with our messaging solutions. By deciding a client’s eligibility and coverage details up front, NextGen® Eligibility Confirmation assists you in increasing cash flow.

For self-pay clients, eligibility self-pay streamlines Medicaid, Medicare, and third-party liability insurance checks. NextGen EMRs integration with payment processing solutions allows for streamlined credit card and eCheck processing, as well as the ability to collect credit cards on file and set up automatic payments. For fast healthcare claims processing, NextGen® In-Line Edits rapidly rectifies claim mistakes and lessens claim denials at the experience level before claim creation.

Medical billing clearinghouse NextGen® Clearinghouse is a completely integrated, one-click-access solution for thorough healthcare claims processing and management. Comparative remittance analytics are provided by NextGen Financial Insight. You can access, evaluate, and track information and performance using our dashboard and customized reports. NextGen digital and mobile payment choices are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist an omnichannel payment strategy. EChecks, credit cards, and other suitable autopayment options are available to your clients.

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Population Health

The NextGen® Population Health Care Coordination Solution offers personalized care tools that enable caregivers to provide holistic, coordinated patient care. It also assists practices in identifying patient needs and communicating them to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. NextGens EMR population health solutions combine your healthcare practice information with insurance claims information and sociodemographic details to assist you in recognizing and minimizing low-value care activities, allowing you to redirect the money saved to more critical healthcare services.

NextGens integrated solutions allow users to inform clients of care gaps, allowing the care manager’s reach to be extended and disease management to be improved. You can enhance outcomes by using the information to better group, supervise, record, and manage client follow-ups.

Azalea Health EMR – NextGen Meditouch

Azalea Health is a collection of healthcare components tailored to hospitals, community-based healthcare organizations, and ambulatory care configurations. Telemedicine management, revenue cycle management, practice management, digital healthcare records, digital health records (EHR), and consultancy are among its main functions. Users can document SOAP notes, capture billing, and send orders all from one screen with Azalea EHR software.

The HIPAA-compliant telehealth system from Azalea Health medical software is totally implemented with effective applications and supports real-time charting. Users can access client documents at home, the clinic, in the clinic, or during practice hours, thanks to the software. Azalea Health EHRs patient portal, appointment reminders, and mobile app give customers direct access to all attributes and are designed to improve customer satisfaction.

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