Everything You Need to Know in Building Automation

It’s a no-brainer that the brain controls the human body’s functioning our thoughts, memory, emotions, touch, breathing, etc. This controlling function parallels that of the building automation system (BAS).

Each building comprises physical, non-moveable objects and active equipment, including vents, surveillance cameras, elevators, HVAC systems, lighting systems, and fire alarms. While all these structures perform distinct roles, collectively, they ensure that buildings remain habitable, functional, and comfortable. Imagine having a system that monitors, controls, and coordinates their function. How cool is that! That’s the role of BAS.

BAS systems allow you to automate remotely, control, monitor, and coordinate these functions. And it doesn’t have to be one building; if you’re a property manager, you can use one BAS to conduct these functions for your entire building collection.

What Exactly do BAS Systems Do?

Perhaps, each time you hear about intelligent buildings, you imagine a less expensive, eco-friendly, and user-friendly property; that’s precisely what the term implies. BAS is at the core of optimum functioning. For instance, suppose you live in an intelligent home and leave for work without switching your lights off. The BAS system would detect unnecessary energy consumption and switch off the lights using machine learning.

BAS systems’ purpose is to lower energy consumption, ensuring that intelligent buildings live up to their eco-friendly standard. So, expect them to regulate HVAC and lighting systems, among others.

BAS Systems are Not Energy Management Software

While BAS systems, like Energy Management Software (EMS), lower energy consumption, these two aren’t similar. BAS systems only provide building controlling tools to management staff, unlike EMS, which knows what’s happening in that building.

The easiest way of understanding this difference is to see a building as a car. The EMS is the dashboard. Thus, it lets you know how each component functions, enabling you to direct your vehicle. On the other hand, the BAS is the steering wheel. It helps you direct the car. However, you’ll still need to do some inspections and checks to ensure the optimum functioning of other car components.

In a building, the EMS provides a highlight of your building’s function, showing you potential issues. It provides comprehensive analytics, real-time reports and alerts, advanced customization options, and in-software collaboration tools. Then using this information, you can program your BAS to run smoothly.

Benefits of a BAS

BAS systems offer three main benefits including:

1. Comfort

Perhaps, this is the most apparent benefit of BAS systems. For instance, through HVAC automation, your building’s inhabitants won’t have to deal with sweltering or frigid mornings in summer and winter, respectively. You’ll power up the temperature control systems (remotely) before the inhabitants come and switch them off after they leave.

2. Decrease Utility Costs and Increase Financial Savings

If you correctly use your BAS, you’ll encounter lower utility bills. As previously indicated, these systems can monitor occupancy and adjust your building systems accordingly—for instance, switch off the lights when they aren’t in use. This reduction in peak load, in conjunction with other energy-based benefits, will decrease your energy bills.

A building automation system may also assist in optimizing heavy equipment use, prolonging their lifespans, and consequently providing extra indirect savings. They also play essential roles in property value appreciation. Certain renters are more attracted to brilliant, properly managed buildings since they are more comfortable and ecologically friendly.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Environmental benefits do not typically go directly to the building owner; however, they might make a property more appealing. Many owners are also personally invested in maintaining a portfolio of energy-efficient properties. Typically, buildings with a BAS have much lesser carbon footprints.

A structure that integrates smart metering with its BAS can use the resulting data to demonstrate its energy use to government regulators. This makes it possible to apply for ratings like Tenant Star, ENERGY STAR, or LEED. These criteria may also interest major tenants for their corporate sustainability reports.

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