Stream Yard Acquired Hopin To Expand The Product Line-Up

Hopin which is a start-up has announced it is known in the start-up world to host digital events and is announcing that he will be going to acquire Stream yard. Stream Yard is however a bootstrapped company which is known for material revenue on a large scale and also it is known for retaining the brand and its products that are marketed to the audience. When we are going to understand the valuation process for the Hopin. As Hopin is known for raising the valuation for the company by around 40 million in June 2020 and around $ 125 million raised by Hopin in Series B with around $ 2.125 million valuation. Hopin Streamyard 250mwilhelmtechcrunch.

Hopin’s Growth

Hopin has grown rapidly from Series B. The Hopin business was so much benefitted from the covid pandemic. During the conferences, Hopin stated that most of the funding comes from this Company.

Stream Yard Identity

Stream Yard has taken the decision that it will retain its brand image and product line after acquisition. He will be still serving its existing customer. Hopin’s Perspective was to retain Stream Yard’s identity and still serve its customer base by providing marquee products. Still, Stream Yard will be going to serve as a streaming option for its customer on a default basis.
As Hopin has acquired Stream Yard only for the purpose that it can work as a streaming option for Hopin’s company. Hopin Streamyard pair up can do wonders.


Hopin is managing to double its share from the transaction and also the cost at which the company acquired the Stream Yard is appropriately at a modest level. As the company wanted to scale- up its team size which is the reason behind the acquisition of Stream Yard. As well as Stream Yard is known for partially dissolving its equity to Hopin’s and underwent through rapid fundraising pace. Hopin was known to grow at more pace than its own start-up. This deal has benefited Hopin as its perspective was to increase the team size and Stream Yard goal was to dissolve some of its equity which will help the company to grow in its value and in pace.

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About the Company Hopin and Stream, Yard

Hopin is a start-up company which is known for providing online events software and the company has raised around $ 125 million in the Series B round for raising capital. In the Series, A round company raised around $ 40 million.

Hopin is an online proprietary company which is known for doing teleconferencing in an online mode and this company is completely remote set-up. Whereas StreamYard is known for creating live audio streaming for most of the browsers and it is directly connected to the audience base and is known to have a customer base in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other platforms. Both companies can build the business together as their domains are almost similar. And they are companies which is known to service the online client base for most of the companies.

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