Grupo Visión, from Honduras to all of Latin America.

True progress is what makes technology available to everyone.

Jonathan Schacher Director of Grupo vision

Rapid advances in technology have profoundly changed societies and labor markets. 

According to figures from “world-o-meters”, the numbers of internet use in Latin America from 2021 to 2022 continue to grow, mainly due to the need to adapt to the new reality after the Covid-19 pandemic:

The use of the Internetcontinues to grow rapidly, more than 80% of users in main economies of the region are already connected”

“Likewise, the way of working has also changed, it is estimated that around 23 million people performed remote work and it is very likely that they will not return to work as they did before, having a hybrid work projection, combining face-to-face work and work from home”

Latin America has taken giant steps in terms of technological processes, with the creation of companies who offer services and even invest in technological research, creating development and opportunities in Latin American countries.

This is the case of Grupo Visión, a Honduran company that has expanded its technological services to Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Giving intelligent solutions to companies, corporations and governments. With advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment and trained human talent. 

With 20 years of experience, they are positioned as leaders within the technological security segment. 

Grupo Vision offers services such as:

Intelligent Security:

Safety has always been one of the main concerns of human beings. In present, due to the permanent and necessary use of digital tools, the internet and social networks, digital security is considered a service of first necessity.


Grupo Visión offers state-of-the-art technology focused on the automation of intelligent security solutions:

ïVideo surveillance cameras medium and high range.

ïSpecialized designs for command and control centers.

ïFire and intrusion detection sensors and alarms.

ïIntrusion analytics, business intelligence and security.

ïThermal cameras

ïAccess controls.





Part of the added values that Grupo Visión offers to its clients is to deliver services that efficiently guarantee the operational continuity of their systems..

Grupo Visión offers a Monitoring Center with certified personnel with experience in systems and tools for monitoring video surveillance systems (CCTV) with 24/7 schedules.


ïFacial and license plate recognition systems.

ïVideo analytics systems for business intelligence.

ïVideo analytics systems and alerts in real time.

ïIntegrated systems for fire detection.

ïSafe cities / safe municipalities.

Security system for:

ïFinancial institutions.

ïPenitentiary centers.

ïMaritime ports.

ïPublic transport.

ïPrivate companies.


Identification and Biometrics:

Grupo Visión has developed solutions oriented to help civil society and the public forces with identification through biometrics, using standardized measures of people to conduct an unequivocal study based on intrinsic physical traits, all under the highest industry standards, such as ANSI NIST, FBI. Integrated to ABIS systems (Automated Biometric Identification System) which uses fast and accurate biometric algorithms for the comparison of fingerprints, irises, and faces, obtaining a result in real-time.


Part of the products Grupo Visión offers are oriented to meet the needs of our customers:

ïMobile-biometric devices.

ïIdentification by AFIS fingerprint.

ïBiometric comparison software for the financial sector and industry.

ïAccess control and check-in devices for employees.

ïFixed and mobile fingerprint reader.

ïMobile enrollment and identification devices.

ïEnrollment stations.

ïMigratory biometric pre-check kiosks.

ïPassport readers.

ïIdentification documents.

ïFingerprint scanners 4-4-2.


Oriented to biometric identification, all those activities and processes for enrollment and validation through the different platforms created punctually for biometric identification are included.

Engineers specialized in the development, implementation and support of solutions and platforms to provide advice, consulting on biometric identification projects for Civil construction or against the Criminal area.


As a leader in the biometric area, Grupo Visión offers solutions and platforms with the management of specialized SDKs for identification through fingerprints, faces and irises, ideal for the verification of people before generating personal transactions, or where the identification of the person is required for solutions for civil or anti-criminal activities.

  • Biometric identification solutions for migration management.
  • Biometric comparison software for the financial sector.
  • Biometric enrolment system for police investigation.
  • Mobile biometric identification systems.
  • Biometric enrollment system for census of the prison population and registration of visits.
  • Onboarding platforms, for biometric enrollment.

Digital Transformation: 

Grupo Visión develops TECNISIGN, the first company accredited in Honduras as a CERTIFYING AUTHORITY OR CERTIFICATION SERVICE PROVIDER – PSC. We develop solutions that allow companies, government institutions, citizens, to identify, connect, communicate and carry out data, financial transactions in a practical and secure way. Through the use of digital certificate technologies (PKI) and advanced electronic signature.


Among the different concepts and solutions oriented to the management of electronic signatures, TECNISIGN offers the following products.

For Natural personnel:

  • Digital certificates in TOKEN
  • Digital certificates in software

For Legal Entity:

  • Digital certificates in TOKEN
  • Digital certificates in software

Accreditation for Registration Authority


Our services cover all those strategies, activities and processes of Digital Transformation in companies and government institutions.


TECNISIGN has experience in the service of Advanced Electronic Signatures for small medium, large organizations and government institutions.

XenturySign is an electronic signature solution that is available in the cloud or in the client’s digital structure. The solution enables users to protect access, manage identities, verify transactions and protect assets in the financial, enterprise, e-commerce, government and healthcare markets. Digitize signatures at the point of customer service, on websites or in the field.

XenturySign manages the internal signature workflow as well as customer-facing transactions. It allows users to upload documents, assign multiple signatures to each representative, and manage multi-party routing. Users can create their own workflow requirements and specify the sequence of signatures collected. It offers branding and white labeling options.

Modernization, efficient processes, dynamization, organization and even transformation are some of the achievements that Grupo Visión has delivered to companies and governments that are looking to innovative their services. “We are in an increasingly connected world, where the adoption of a digital lifestyle is a reality,” says Jonathan Schacher, Director of Grupo Visión, who together with his brother RoderickSchacher work to continue promoting technological progress throughout the region. 

The pillars that sustain Grupo Visión as an organization focus on the promotion of new technologies and human talent, which makes this company a school for future professionals. 


We are a solid and sustainable corporate group in Latin America that offers advanced security and efficiency technologies from the public and private sectors and associated companies, using high quality standards and methodologies based on our values.


By 2025 we are world leaders in innovative and comprehensive high-tech solutions, satisfying all customers.


Adherence to organizational and human principles that seek the common welfare of the company, members and customers.


Each employee is able to give beyond expectations in their assignments showing exceptional performance.


In all the operations of the organization always seeking a better way of doing things using permanently information and communication technologies.

Today it is one of the most financially stable companies with the most growth projections. Its main differentiator against the competition is the investment that this company makes in technological research. By the hands of Jonathan Schacher and Roderick Schacher who are Committed for the development and innovation of Latin America, from Honduras, to the entire the world.

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