Denim Style Trends of 2023

As it’s said, denim never goes out of fashion. Instead, every year, it makes the news in different forms, and you must keep a close watch to find out about those trends. To help you in your endeavor, this think-piece will tell you the top 9 denim trends that will catch fire in 2023 so that you’re prepared beforehand!

  1. Puddle jeans

The extra-long pants that pool around the ankle are all over the internet. These are a reference to the baggy denim trend of the 90s. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Rihana, and Katie Holmes kill the fashion game with puddle jeans.

Puddle jeans are comfy and much better than skinny jeans. You can wear this with a crop top or mesh top and pair sneakers or flat shoes…. And voila, you are ready to rock the ramp!

The best part is that this pair of jeans match every party’s vibe. Though it comes in every fabric, denim puddle jeans are the most sought-after.

  1. Long denim skirt

It has been officially confirmed that the trend of long denim skirts will return for spring 2023. You can style these with white shirts or cropped cardigan knits.

To make it more appealing, create a knot with the shirt and expose the belly area. Finally, layer it with a denim jacket to complete the look.

  1. Double denim

The double denim style was a hit in 2022 and will return in 2023. To follow the trend, you can tuck the old denim shirt with a knee-length denim skirt.

If you are willing to walk the extra mile and want a high fashion style, you can try pairing your biker denim jacket with puddle jeans.

  1. Cargo pants

The crowd-favorite cargo pants have gone through an update and are coming back with an entirely modern look.

At first, people from military backgrounds used to wear these pants. These were designed in a way that they could have space for bandages, maps, ammunition, and other essentials. But the look of these pants caught the eyes of the common people, and within a short period, it was in trend.

The fashion experts are finally vouching for its return. The pockets are very functional for the modern era’s busy lifestyle. Just pair it with desert boots and a plain black t-shirt for a party look.

  1. Denim jackets

For centuries, denim jackets have been the fashion trend. It is timeless. You can style it with chino and a white t-shirt. Wear a pair of white sneakers, and you are ready for a casual brunch.

Med-blue-wash and dark indigo denim jackets are perfect if this is your first pick. For the summertime, you can choose a bleached blue denim jacket.

  1. Raw Hem jeans

This kind of jeans has exposed hemlines, and when paired with a casual tee and long wild printed coats – it makes for just the perfect outfit for a date night.

If you want to design it for your office look, just style it with a gorgeous-looking blouse and medium-height heels.

  1. Low-rise jeans

This trend is going to again make its comeback in 2023.

Two types of low-rise jeans are expected to be back in the game of fashion. One is bootcut flare jeans, and the second is low-rise straight jeans.

To be up top in fashion, I recently bought low-rise flare jeans from Freddy and styled them with a crop top for a party. And guess what? It was a hit!

  1. Carpenter jeans

These vintage-styled jeans with built-in hammer loops and pockets will make a great comeback. Various brands are working towards it. Many influencers have also already started experimenting with these pants.

You can style carpenter jeans with ankle boots or stilettos. Don’t forget to include accessories for the finishing touch.

Over to you…

Now that you know about the styles, you can start upgrading your wardrobe. Or, if you have an old pair of denim jeans, it is time to take them out and re-style them!

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