5 Best Shirts for Men to Wear Everywhere

One of the most important sections of your wardrobe is the place where you keep your tops. This is because your top makes your outfit, regardless of whether your gender. But when it comes to men’s shirts, there are a couple of essentials that stand out from the pack.

These shirts come in tons of styles and colors, but one of the things that sets them apart is that they can be worn everywhere. If you have these essentials in your wardrobe, you will have a shirt for just about any occasion, so you won’t have to worry about being over or under-dressed ever again.

And in this article, we’ll look at five essential shirts that men can wear everywhere. These are the only shirts you’re going to need, regardless of where you’re going. That way, you can rest assured that you’re dressed for the occasion no matter what it is.

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The Plain White Shirt

The plain white T-shirt is arguably the best casual men’s shirt available. You can wear these with technical trousers, joggers, trousers, and even jeans. On top of that, since they are white, they can fit in just about any color. So, if ever you’re in doubt when it comes to what to wear when you go out, you can always rely on the white shirt.

At this point, plain white shirts aren’t just a fashion staple. They are a timeless piece of the fashion culture.

While it might seem like these are plain shirts, that is far from the case. These shirts don’t sport any patterns or fancy designs, but that’s where the beauty lies. There isn’t a shirt out there that can compete with the versatility of the plain white shirt.

Another reason why plain white shirts are considered as men’s wardrobe essentials lies in their comfort. When wearing this shirt, you won’t feel like it’s too hot since these shirts breathe very well. These shirts also don’t limit your movement, as they don’t constrict your body or suffocate your skin.

Whether you’re going to the store to buy some supplies or hitting the pub with friends, the white T-shirt will always be a great choice.

The Dress Shirt

One of the shirts that I always recommend you have in your wardrobe is a dress shirt. While it’s nice to be comfortable and casual when hanging out with friends, it’s important that you have the right clothes to wear if you’re going to a wedding, formal gala, or another similar event. So, when building your wardrobe, one of your top priorities needs to be a dress shirt.

The dress shirt is generally the best shirt in your wardrobe that you can wear with your finest suits and tuxedos and use to turn heads during a gala or formal event.

The Oxford Button-Down

Okay, so if the white shirt is for casual gatherings and the dress shirt is for formal events, what should you wear for the parties or gatherings that fall in between the two categories? Well, that’s where the Oxford button-down comes in. Oxford isn’t exactly describing a location when it comes to the shirt. Instead, it refers to the material that the shirt is made of, which is known to be crisp yet breathable.

These shirts toe the line between formal and casual, which makes them very versatile. You can easily wear this to the office, a date, or a casual gathering with friends or colleagues. Generally, a safe bet would be a white Oxford shirt, but if you’re looking for variety, these shirts come in tons of colors, which is great.

That said, if you want to go for a colored Oxford button-down, we recommend darker colors. These colors can be slimming and more versatile, which is very important if you’re looking for a shirt you can wear everywhere you go.

Short-Sleeved Collared Shirt

You cannot skip over a short-sleeved collared shirt when building your wardrobe. The beauty of this option is that it’s available in tons of styles and designs. These can be the shirts you use to really express yourself and reflect your personality.

For a more classic option, you can go for the Cuban shirt. This is a great option for the summer months that can pair with khakis, linen trousers, and even jeans. While the shirt has a notorious reputation for making people look like they’re on vacation, you can look sleek in it with the right styling.

That said, for a simpler cut, you can go for the regular short-sleeved collar shirts. Again, these come in tons of styles and designs, so you can really go crazy with your choices. This is a great option for casual days and for summer gatherings, which is why we highly recommend this shirt for men building a new wardrobe.

The Flannel

The flannel is your key to staying both warm and stylish at the same time. These shirts are ideal for cold climates and are made of thick material. These pair great when worn over a plain white shirt to add a layer of warmth and style at the same time.

This isn’t a shirt to wear to formal events. But when you’re hitting the town with your best buds and just hanging out, the flannel is your best companion.

The thing with flannels is that they look both comfortable and put together. It’s hard to compete with the function and style that flannels offer, and since they are so versatile, having one or two in your closet is always a good thing.


You don’t need to have hundreds of different shirts to be stylish. In fact, you can build a versatile and stylish wardrobe with five different types of shirts. Of course, you can always add different styles and tops as you please. But if you’re looking for a baseline that will serve as the foundation of your style, these are some of the best options available for you.

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