Copy Trading: How to Get Started

Copy Trading is the way to automate your trades and execute orders on autopilot. The approach considers a beginner seeking ways to enter the financial market on the one side and an experienced professional with an already established trading strategy to copy his or her trades on the other side.

The approach works great for those who have no time for the learning curve and want to keep maintaining their daily tasks leaving all the hard work to the expert. To get started, you only need to choose a platform, open a Copy Trading account, and select a preferable professional to follow the strategy automatically. No manual configurations or knowledge are required.

Key Reasons to Start Copy Trading

With so many strategies available at MTrading, beginners may find it confusing to start trading. To succeed, they are supposed to review piles of educational materials that can seem overwhelming right from the start. Copy Trading is a proven methodology that encourages automated trading without having prior experience or background.

The key reasons to start using Copy Trading are as follows:

  • No learning curves. The technique does not require any prior experience, as all trades are executed by professional traders with enough expertise to utilize some of the most holistic trading strategies across various financial markets.
  • No software downloads. When trading on your own, you will have to work with numerous chart patterns and indicators as a side feature or built-in functionality that comes with the MT4 platform. With copy trading, software download and installation are not required. You only need to have a device connected to the internet.
  • Minimum Risks. Copy Trading is a safe and secure way to get started in the financial market. All strategies, used by experienced traders, are already proven and time-tested. It means reduced risks and improved profit opportunities.

How to Start Copying Trades

To start following real financial pros and gain profit from every successful deal they execute, you need to complete 3 simple steps:

1. Open an Account

You are supposed to have a valid account to get access to the dashboard, a selection of traders to choose from, and additional trading tools that may help you establish a winning strategy. Besides, you can track all orders and trades, make changes, customize strategy configurations, etc.

(image of account type)

2. Monitor Performance

Inside the dashboard, you can find all key metrics to track trader’s performance, balance, and other stats. Copy Trading is a transparent approach where you can keep an eye on all major performance data automatically.

(image of a dashboard with metrics)

3. Subscribe to a Pro

When everything is set, you can explore the list of available traders and choose the one by his or her performance rate, the number of successful deals, or funds earned over time.

(image of a leadership board)

With copy trading, risk-free and automated trading has never been easier before.

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