Six compelling reasons to choose a career in accounting and finance

Choosing a career path is a serious matter. What you decide now determines the course of your life, so a lot of thought needs to go into this.

Wisdom dictates that you should consider several factors before you decide.

If you have trouble evaluating those factors, perhaps this guide can be helpful. It has been crafted for those who are confused about which road to take, the marketing career path is also a good choice and many others.

While this article is primarily about finance and accounting, it can still help evaluate while you go through the line of reasoning presented here.

We understand that everybody possesses a unique set of skills, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question. Therefore, this one’s on you to assess your aptitude, talents, likes, and dislikes.

This can be a slow process, but that is natural, especially when you are faced with a highly-confusing choice.

Another thing you should consider while evaluating career options is whether you would be able to go through the process of your desired qualification.

The process can be long, but with determination and experience, you’ll grasp what’s needed and move up the career ladder.

This differs from case to case. For example, the Wiley CMA test bank can be a helpful resource if you are preparing for CMA.

Therefore, with the end goal in mind, start looking at the process and see how you fit in.

With that said, here are a few reasons why you should choose a career in accounting and finance.

  • Natural inclination:

This usually goes without saying and often applies to those naturally inclined toward this field.

But if you are good at it, accounting and finance could be desirable career paths. Considering you naturally have an aptitude for this and are interested in learning further, you might enjoy your studies.

You might also cherish the process as you go through it. Similarly, if this interests you, you are more likely to put in extra effort to emerge as a talented professional.

Therefore, if you are good at it, you should consider it seriously.

  • Good pay:

This is not strictly black and white, and there are many added variables to it, but accounting and finance jobs usually pay well.

In some territories across the world, good accountants and financial experts are highly in demand, and they are financially compensated well for their services.

Considering that many people with degrees in accounting and finance tend to opt for established companies, there are defined career and growth paths for professionals.

Moreover, the higher you go up the career ladder, the more money you earn, making it one of the most desirable career paths.

  • Stability:

Accounting and finance jobs are generally more stable than other sectors. Considering that young professionals join established companies, there is stability as they continue to grow professionally.

Moreover, since there are defined career paths, there are not as many ups and downs as in other sectors.

While accounting and finance come up with unique challenges, they remain one of the most stable career paths. They deserve serious consideration as they offer stability in the job market.

Therefore, you should also consider this and see whether this is what you are looking for.

  • Job offers:

If you are good at what you do, you will always get job offers. This applies to many sectors, including information technology (IT), engineering, and marketing.

However, when it comes to accounting and finance, these job offers can be lucrative, considering that established companies will want you to join them.

Since these companies need good accounts and financial experts, your services will always be in-demand, and these companies will make attractive efforts to bring you on board.

Therefore, as far as employment opportunities are concerned, accounting and finance are good options.

  • Problem-solving:

If you enjoy solving problems, finance can be a perfect option. As a financial analyst, you will be required to evaluate the company’s finances.

This includes reviewing various divisions’ performance reports and evaluating their finances in line with the company’s larger vision.

If the company is pursuing growth, your job will include predicting the outcome by taking stock of the existing situation and the patterns visible in those reports.

This can be a challenging task, but if you have a natural inclination to solve problems, it can be an enjoyable process. Therefore, if you have it in you, you should consider finance as an option.

  • Related fields:

There are many career paths within the disciplines of accounting and finance, and depending on your interests, you can choose the right one.

You can go ahead and become a finance manager, whereby you will handle the company’s finances, including budgeting and projections.

You can also work with venture capitalists because they are always in need of talented individuals to help them gauge the risk of certain investments and the prospects of another.

Furthermore, you can also work on risk management and help companies ascertain the risks certain moves pose.

This can be exciting work if you are into these things. There are many options here, and you can explore further to learn more.


A career in accounting and finance does not have to be boring; instead, if you are good at it, you can also find it enjoyable.

Suppose the reasons mentioned above are not convincing enough. If you excel in your career, you’ll be surrounded by innovative individuals in a firm as a VC gauging the risk or profitability of various startups.

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