Biological Pest Control And Its Benefits

Pests are nothing but nuisances and problem-causing creatures to both the house and its residents. It is, therefore, essential that the individuals remain aware and responsive to any conditions or situations that would indicate them of the presence of pests in their house so as to ensure that there will be no long-lasting negative consequences to the structural integrity of the house.

Biological pest control services are one of the best and most efficient ways of getting rid of all these unwanted inhabitants of one’s house. Biological control or biocontrol is described as the means of controlling and handling problems related to pests like insects, rodents, mites etc and ensuring that these creatures are not causing harm to anyone or anything.

It usually involves the use of a number of different and varied ways for getting rid of these pests and making sure that the chances of pest infestation in any house is considerably reduced. Some of the techniques involved in biocontrol are parasitism, predation, cleaning etc. It also considers human management to be an important part of pest control. Biocontrol is also an important aspect of Integrated Pest Management programs.

There are three main strategies of controlling biological pests –

  • Classical or Importation – This method involves the introduction of any natural enemy of the pest that is infesting the house to gain control of the situation.
  • Inductive or Augmentation – In this method, just like importation, natural enemies of the pest are introduced but it is done on a much larger level and number to ensure quick control and removal of the pests.
  • Inoculative or Conservation – Unlike the other methods, this technique does not work through a one-time application. Instead, the natural enemies of the pest are introduced in regular intervals for a long time.

There are many benefits of biological pest control. Some of them are as follows –

  • Safety from harmful chemicals – Unlike chemical pest control methods, biological pest control employs the use of other creatures to ensure pest control. This makes sure that there are no harmful chemicals being used in the house and thus, no harmful residual chemicals are left in the house.
  • Selective control – Since biological pest control services involve the use of specific organisms that are considered to be the natural enemies of the pests, that are able to get rid of all of the pests by themselves. Since the control techniques manage to target and solve each situation specifically, they are more efficient and long-lasting than chemical pest control techniques.
  • Cost-effective techniques – On a general note, biological pest control methods are much less expensive than chemical pest control techniques, mainly because they do not require the customer to pay for the mostly expensive chemicals that will be used in the treatment. But if the pest infestation is quite serious, then biological pest control treatment would have to be carried out for longer periods of time.

Biological pest control services by Empire Pest Control in London have proven to be equally, if not more, effective than chemical ones. They are especially more preferable due to their eco-friendliness and efficiency.

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