Do I Need Monthly Pest Control In UK?

What an interesting question, isn’t it? We are concerned about pests and issues related to them, but we are not sure how often we should do pest control In UK houses and so ask questions like- do I need monthly pest control in London?

The question might seem easy to answer, but it is not because pest control depends on various factors. That is why there is no standard periodicity when it comes to pest control.

However, we will try to give answers to your question in this article. Read the full article!

Critical Factors In Pest Control

The location in the UK you live in, the types of pests you want to remove, and some other factors like this determine how often you should do pest control.

Sometimes even the periodicity of pest control makes the difference. When you hire a pest control service in the UK, they will survey and recommend the service according to their analysis. Their assessment criteria are based on different factors such as the type of pest, season, the place- either commercial or residential, and many more.

If your adversity is from a seasonal pest, there is no need to do monthly pest control. However, if the pest comes more often than a regular pest control is required.

Thus, the key factors behind the pest control periodicity are-

-level of infestation

-Types of pest

– the surrounding

– commercial or residential area

– in case if there is any vulnerable person( pregnant ladies, baby, older adults)

Is Monthly Pest Control Required In Commercial Premises?

If the commercial premises are from the food and health sector, pest control should be done every month.

This will reduce the chances of survival of the pests and keep you on top in your business for taking preventive measures to protect your business, your employees, and patrons. If your business premises have no history of pest infestation, then for the piece of your mind and legal purposes, pest control very often, like quarterly visits, will be reasonable.

Although there are some pests whose behavior and activities demand monthly pest control. For example, rodents can travel three hundred meters easily from their nest, so the incoming rodents’ rate will be constant. So to manage the situation well enough, pest control should be done monthly.

Is Monthly Pest Control Required In Residential Premises?

Most of the time, residential places don’t require any contract. If there is any pest infestation at your house, you identify its cause; you treat, take care of the problem, and story over!

But, there will be some situations that will have no ultimate solution. Rodents-proofing is also not a foolproof plan if your neighborhood is heavily infested. The non-return valves in the drain restrict rats from entering your house, but, in some cases, the inspection chamber gets covered up by building extensions, or the sewer hole can not be positioned in Thames water.

So for rats, pest control should be done monthly. Otherwise, pest control should be done on an annual basis.

So the answer to the question- do I need monthly pest control in UK? It is not appropriate because there are no set rules.

 We hope you got your answer.

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