6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Jewelry Design Courses In 2022

Jewelry design is a professional field that involves creativity and imaginative skills to conceptualize and design jewelry pieces using functional knowledge of materials like gold, silver, gems, metals, precious and artificial stones, etc. In order to design jewelry, a jewelry designer must have an understanding of ensuing market trends, socio-cultural factors, customer preferences as well as fabrication techniques. He needs to also ensure design viability in terms of crafting the design as well as wearing the designed jewelry besides its sale.

Reasons to study Jewelry Design courses in 2022

Growing Industry demanding trained manpower:

  • In cut & polished diamonds, India ranks first among the top exporters. Exports of gems from India grew to US$ 32.37 billion at 69.13% YoY, from April 2021-January 2022.
  • India ranks second in exports of silver & gold jewelry besides lab-grown diamonds
  • In 2021, the demand for gold in India stood at 797.30 tonnes. It is predicted to reach 850 tonnes by 2022.
  • By FY2027, the Indian Gems and Jewelry Market is expected to reach a market value of 80 billion, rising at a CAGR of 8.34% from USD78.50 billion in FY2021.
  • The gem and Jewellery sector is predicted to employ 8.23 million people by the year 2022.

Hence the sector with such a positive outlook will naturally require capable hands to take it to next level. This means it will have lucrative opportunities for candidates. l

Attractive Pay: The increased demand for qualified manpower and less supply of the same will ensure faster growth and that too at attractive salaries. Most companies, realizing the importance of trained manpower pay handsomely even to beginners.

Range of Career Options: Jewellery design offers a diverse range of career opportunities such as:

  • Entrepreneur & Manufacturer
  • Gemologist
  • Accessory Designer in the performing arts industry including Film & Television Industry
  • Goldsmiths
  • Bench Jeweler 

High demand in the International market: There is a high demand for talented, creative & professional jewelry designers globally. You must study a jewelry design course from a college that offers certification recognized internationally.

Opportunities in fields other than Jewellery Design:  While studying jewelry design course, candidates get equipped with competencies in Metallurgy, Beading art, Ornament Design, Gemology, Diamond Grading & sorting, portfolio development, CAD, etc., besides learning many new skills such as creative and innovative problem-solving techniques, market research, graphic design & product management, etc. This will help the candidates get opportunities in different professional fields.

Easy entry: People from varied backgrounds with a penchant for creative design and innovation can seek appropriate certification and switch to Jewellery Design professional field.

Jewelry Design Course:

To study the Jewellery Design course, students must identify that college that fulfills:

  • The curriculum must ensure exposure to varied art, design & craft practices in traditional as well as modern scenarios.
  • College must equip students with competencies in wearable & non-wearable accessory designs, processes, use of diverse materials, technologies & modern techniques, etc.
  • The well-equipped studio will enable students to practice whatever they have learned, work systematically through design briefs, bring alive their designs, and facilitate projects as well as fabrication.
  • Proper exposure through internships, field research, and industry visits including interaction with industry experts will enrich students and ensure confidence in graduating from the college.

Just register without further delay and design your career.

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