Best Side Hustles for Foreign Students in the UK

The UK may not be the most expensive place to live, but it’s neither the cheapest. If you are a foreigner studying in the UK, you must know by now that you need more than a penny to get by each day. Moreover, the ever-increasing cost of commodities isn’t helping matters even now.

So if you’re thinking of some moderately rewarding side hustles as a student, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the seven income supplements to consider as a foreign student in the UK.

Private Tutoring

Since you are there to study, it is enough proof that you are knowledgeable in certain aspects. Why not turn your intellectual proficiency into a money-making venture through private tutoring?

Thankfully, most parents in the UK don’t have the time to put the young ones through, and that’s where you come in. Most private tutors charge hourly. So, consider that you have 20 work hours to fix up as your study visa permits. Moreover, this job is flexible and wouldn’t affect your schooling.


If you are good at fixing things in the house like plumbing works, applying paints, testing, and maintaining electrical fittings, you’ve got a great side hustle. You can’t be short of clients with this employment, and your time is still yours.

You may start by helping a few people restore their things to a usable state. Once your neighbors know you are good with your tools, you will get references in no time. You may even find yourself turning down some requests for want of time.

Pet Sitter

If you are cynophobic, you may skip to the next point, but dog walking is another sure bet for an international student. Statistics reveal that more than half of the UK population own pets, most being dogs and cats. More specifically, there are over 12 million dogs and 11 million cats in the UK alone! Now, that’s some opportunity if you love pets.

Your job would include dropping by your client’s house to feed their pets, a little cleaning when needed, and taking them for a walk if you’re dealing with a dog. Pay is hourly and dependent on your negotiation power. Some pet sitters charge as high as £25 per hour. You’ll agree that’s some change to earn as a side hustle.


How about getting paid by the hour for speaking something other than English? Yes, you can cash in on your foreign tongue being a translator. Now and then, there will be companies, bloggers, or some agencies looking to transcribe their articles about their services in other languages. If yours is on the list, you’re in luck.

Another good news about this opportunity is that you can work for as many clients as possible. Most importantly, you would still have control over your time. See it as being paid for talking.


You may call them waiters, but you must have observed how often you see a different person attending to you from patronizing restaurants. Well, that’s because this job is one of the choicest for students studying in the UK.

Most servers earn between £7 and £12 hourly. You have 20 hours, and many employers are happy to let you spend it in their establishment, and you could work on weekends too if you wish.

What’s good about this employment for international students? First, you’ll be meeting several people and sharpening your interpersonal skills. Besides, you can choose the time of the day that works for you. Last but not least are the tips from customers! You never know what a few pennies would amount to at the end of the day.


If you love kids and can handle them well, this is the chance to get a reward. Babysitting is a gratifying hourly job if you know how to joggle your time. Some babysitters earn as much as £15 hourly.

A key to getting clients for this job is impeccable character. Potential clients may also run background checks on you and ascertain your immigration status before entrusting their children into your care. Of course, you should understand why this is so.

Online Freelancing

You can sell any digital skill you have for some money, and you do not need much to start. Access to a PC shouldn’t be a problem either is the internet. There are several online platforms to meet with clients.

What would you be earning? Quite honestly, there is no line drawn on this. You could make from tens to hundreds of pounds in some hours. It all depends on your expertise and negotiation power.

 Final Thoughts

Before choosing any of the above employments, you may need to acquaint yourself with laws guiding foreigners’ operation of such jobs in your locality. You can seek immigration advice UK should you feel uncertain about what is obtainable in your location.

Finally, remember you have only 20 hours to work each week during the semester and unlimited time during the holidays. Use your time wisely, and don’t let anything come between you and your primary goal to study.



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