Top 5 Online English Teaching from Australia

Online teaching has grown significantly over the last few years as parents strive to help their children understand different subject matters, and teachers seek an easy and flexible work environment.

One notable area of online tutoring that has grown in recent times is teaching English as a Second Language(ESL).

If you are proficient in English then there are many platforms you can apply as an English teacher.

Teaching English online is one of the most demanding subjects on most online learning platforms.

Online English teaching in Australia is relatively easier than in most other countries. If you have a stable internet connection, working computer, webcam, and a microphone then you are almost ready to go.

Now you just need to find the platform that you want to teach on. We have listed the 5 best online English teaching platforms in Australia.

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1. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is the best language learning platform that teaches 60+ languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

This platform is great for both learning and teaching the English language online. AmazingTalker has a flexible work environment that helps you find people that are interested in your teaching. You can choose how much tutoring fees to charge.

“You can earn up to 36 to 96 USD per hour.

If you think that you want a flexible work environment and if you are passionate about teaching online then AmazingTalker is the perfect platform for you.

2. Cambly

Cambly is an online English learning platform that specializes in one-on-one video chat lessons with native English tutors.

This platform uses real conversations with friendly tutors from the US, UK, and Australia to teach English all around the globe.

You don’t need any teaching degree, other certificates, or any prior teaching experience to be a tutor at Cambly.

This platform lets you earn $0.17/min ($10.20/hour) on Cambly and $0.20/min ($12.00/hour) on Cambly Kids. They send payment via Paypal every Monday. “

Users can start teaching at any given time in a day based on its users schedule because Cambly students are spread across all around the globe. So you can work as little as you want or as much as you want, it’s completely upto you.

3. Preply

Preply is an online tutoring company that offers a plethora of languages including English. This online tutoring platform connects students from more than 180 countries with helpful online English tutors.

If you are new to teaching, Preply comes with helpful tools to support teachers’ need, such as lesson curriculum, video supports, vocab lessons, notes, whiteboard, and much more.

Preply invites every passionate and interested individual to be part of their growing community of tutors but native English speakers have slightly higher priority.

“On average, Preply English tutors earn around $15-25 per hour. They also offers no minimum time limit or fixed schedule. “

Preply is a great platform for you if you want it to be your permanent workplace because the more hours its users teach with Preply, the less commission they will take from its user rate of pay.

4. ITalki

Italki is a language learning platform with a great community that connects students and teachers for one-on-one video chat lessons Globally.

They claim to be the world’s largest marketplace for online language tutors including English, French, and Spanish.

 Italki operates in two completely different ways. At first, you can be a community tutor that doesn’t need any TEFL certificate or at second, a professional teacher that does require a TEFL certificate and teaching experience.

“Being a marketplace I talki hourly rate usually ranges between US$5-$80 per hour and they charge a 15% commission fee based on the teacher’s listed lesson price.”

5. Lingoda

Lingoda is a leading online language school in Europe. It aims to empower even the most scheduled people to become a professional.

Users at Lingoda can learn English, German, French, and Spanish in private classes. This platform lets you design your schedule around your life and has no minimum hours required. “Lingoda lets you earn up to $7.85 – $12.34 per hour. But you do require at least 2-3 years of teaching experience and an ESL teaching certification.

So if you want a platform to teach English professionally then Lingoda might be a good choice for you.


As we said at the beginning, online teaching has grown in the last decades. Most of the teachers and students have switched to online for a more easy-to-use, flexible environment. Many language learning platforms have also started to grow which is why there is a high demand for people that want to be English tutors.

So if you are a proficient English speaker becoming an English tutor online can be a great way to earn money.

AmazingTalker is a great platform for people with proficient English speaking skills. Using AmazingTalker you can apply as an Online Tutor . Let’s Start your journey with AmazingTalker and earn a lot.

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