Benefits of using a face mask at night

Sleep masks are like blackout curtains, but cheaper and better. They have been proven to block out light, and ease painful conditions like dry eyes and migraines which eventually aids in better sleep patterns. Today, sleep masks come in a variety of materials and designs. You can get silk or polyester sleep masks that are flat or contoured in small or larger shapes depending on your head size. Let’s take a look at how sleeping masks can help you get better sleep conditions and the much-needed Beautyrest for better health and a more productive day.

Here are some important reasons to use the sleep mask

Blocks out light to improve sleep

Light is an important element when it comes to regulating your body’s circadian rhythm (sleep and wake time) during the day, light signals the brain to stay awake and active and during the night, the brain produces the hormone melatonin that makes us tired and sleepy to allow the brain and body to get the much-needed rest.

In modern architecture, artificial light is everywhere and this can disrupt our sleeping patterns or schedule.  The presence of light disrupts the cardiac rhythm and this causes you to stay awake for longer during the night.

Even when you turn off the lights in your room, light from outside could flow in through your windows and spaces in your curtain causing you to stay awake.

With a sleep mask, you do not have to worry about light keeping you up through the night. Sleeping masks block out intrusive light, giving you total darkness, which is ideal for sleep.  They are designed to sit over your eyes and create a dark environment that blocks out any light.

A great advantage eye masks have over other solutions like black out curtains is that they are very affordable.  They also block out light from both outside and inside your bedroom, unlike blackout curtains which are designed for intrusive light only.

Reduce migraines for light sensitive people

Light sensitive people tend to experience severe migraines when exposed to too much light. The excruciating migraines can last them for hours. Using masks to block out light provides a balance and prevents migraines during the night for better sleep.  Modern eye masks come with heating and cooling features that help your sooth migraine pain. 

Using a sleep mask minimizes distractions

Having your work desk, a computer, tv or even phone in your bedroom can be quiet distracting and this could hinder you from sleep. With such electronics, you always feel the urge to check for messages, watch a few videos on social media or even a whole Netflix movie.

 This can be a bit distracting, especially if you want to sleep. It makes it way harder for you to relax, so you will have a difficult time trying to fall asleep.  If you are not careful, you might find yourself staying up throughout the whole night and this could lead to serious mental and physical health issues.

In this case, sleep mask can really help you stay away from such distractions. Putting on eye masks when you go to bed establishes a boundary between you and the electronics on your room.  Many may argue that you can simply take of the mask to check you phone, but if you are serious about creating a healthy sleep environment, this temptation should be easy to overcome.

They are great for sleeping while travelling

Traveling long distances in cars, planes, and trains can be exhausting, which is why many people prefer to take long naps between travels. Sleeping while you travel is a great way to recharge your mind and body. However, it can be a little difficult to fall asleep in such environments. 

Here, sleep masks can be very beneficial. Not only do they block the light, helping you fall asleep better but they build a boundary between you and the other passengers on the plane, allowing you to sleep without any distractions.

Blocking out the light from the screens and windows will help you sleep better and you are guaranteed you will arrive at your destination feeling well rested.

They can help prevent dry eyes

Chronic dry eyes can be painful and uncomfortable, making it harder for you to fall asleep. This happens when our eyes are exposed to irritants such as dust and dry air.

Sleeping masks cover our eyes completely when we sleep, reducing the risk for such issues.  They act as a protective layer for our eyes when we sleep. Without such issues, it is easier for us to fall asleep. 

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