5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is a room that might not be used all the time, but it should be one of comfort and welcoming enough that it offers your guests a hotel-like level of comfort when they do stay over, even if it’s just for one night. That is why you should invest in best designer furniture in usa. As it’s not difficult to create the perfect guest bedroom, and with these five tips, we’ll guide you to creating it.

Décor Simplicity is Key

The best place to start when you plan the décor of a guest bedroom in your head is to think back to the last few hotel rooms you’ve stayed in. Think of how they designed the room and the décor choices they made and you’re likely to realize that no matter how stylish the rooms were, they had one thing in common. All the décor in the rooms were simple. Starting with the color scheme, keep it low key and light, and avoid using too many patterns. Opt instead for solid colors and easy on the eye décor that a guest can feel at ease and calm being surrounded by. Avoid central focus points, and instead make the whole room simple and elegant.

It’s All About the Bed

The bed is absolutely the centerpiece of the guest bedroom and unlike a bed you’re going to sleep in, choosing a mattress and linens is more difficult, because you need to aim to get something that will be to most people’s comfort. A medium firmness mattress with some gentle contouring is ideal but consider an adjustable bed too. This list of the best adjustable beds can offer some guidance, and help you create a bed that no matter who is occupying it will be comfortable and welcoming and offer a great night’s sleep.

Have Extra Everything

Everyone has different comfort levels, and they achieve these comfort levels with pillows, blankets and even towels. Make sure you include more of these things in the guest bedroom than you would in your own space so that there are always enough pillows or blankets for your guest to be absolutely comfortable. You could even consider supplying a change of linen too just in case an accident happens, because they do!

Leave the Surfaces Clear

Don’t use the guest bedroom as a museum to your collectibles or a storage place for your paperwork, files, and other things that you want to store away from common areas. Your guest bedroom should feature clear and uncluttered surface areas and shelves to avoid making your guests feel like they’re living amongst your stuff. You can provide a writing pad and a few pens on the desk if you want to go the extra mile, but don’t fill the desk surfaces up with all kinds of things. A relaxing bedroom is one free of clutter, and the guest bedroom should be the most relaxing room in the house (along with your bedroom, of course).

Don’t Neglect Closet Space

It’s a common mistake to make to neglect furniture where guests can unpack their bags into drawers or wardrobes and feel a bit more like they’re at home, particularly if they’re staying for a little while. If the guest bedroom doesn’t have a closet, make sure to include a chest of drawers or wardrobe for this purpose, even if it’s just a place they can stash away a suitcase. Storage space is very important to keep the room decluttered and feeling welcoming.

The perfect guest bedroom is about simplicity and adaptability, and these few guidelines will help you create a guest bedroom you’ll want to sleep in yourself!

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