5 Ways to Record User Session – Know Your Customers Better, Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors

Recording user sessions is a great way to understand your customers better and increase productivity.

Record user activities:

  • What they do on your website
  • What they do when they are on your site
  • What devices they use
  • How long do their sessions last
  • How many sessions are there in total

What is a User Session Recording?

A user session recording is a video of the user’s computer screen, with audio and mouse clicks included. This is a very popular tool among digital marketers to understand how the user interacts with their website.

User sessions recordings are used for many purposes such as:

  • Website usability testing (to see how users react to certain design changes)
  • Website analytics (to see where users drop off in conversions)
  • Website conversion optimization (to see what features are most effective at driving conversions)
  • Website development (to show developers how their work is being used by customers)

5 Ways to Record User Session for Better Customer Support – Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors and Gain Insight into the Voice of your Customers

The user session recording is a great way to gain insight into what your customers are saying, and how they are feeling when they interact with your product. It can also be used to improve the customer experience and reduce the amount of support tickets you have to answer.

5 Ways To Record User Session for Better Customer Support:

  1. Create a quality script for your support reps
  2. Use video as well as audio recordings
  3. Use a chatbot
  4. Make it easy for users to record their own sessions
  5. Be transparent about the process

The 5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing the Right Method to Record User Sessions

When it comes to recording user sessions, there are a few things that you should consider. Is your target audience a lot of people? If so, you should consider using an audio or video recording service that can handle large volumes of data.

Is your target audience not a lot of people? If so, you should consider using an audio or video recording service that can handle small volumes of data and is cost-effective for your business.

  1. What type of recording is required?
  2. Is it necessary to record video or audio?
  3. What is the number of users in the session?
  4. How long will the recording last?
  5. How much does it cost per hour?

Some popular methods for recording user sessions are:

  1. Creabl https://creabl.com/ 
  2. CrazyEgg
  3. Demodesk
  4. FullStory
  5. Dynatrace

5 Steps To Making an Initial Profile of Your Users When Recording User Sessions

When recording user sessions, it is important to know what the users are saying. This helps the company to understand their needs and provide better service. Also know about 5 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill.

The following are five steps that can be followed when making an initial profile of your users when recording user sessions:

  1. Conducting a survey or gathering information from other sources (e.g., websites, social media accounts)
  2. Creating a list of questions for the interviewees to answer during the call
  3. Making sure that all of your questions are relevant and will help you answer your business questions
  4. Selecting which questions you want to ask during the call and how many times you want to ask them 
  5. Preparing for the call by making sure that you have all of your equipment set up, including a landline if you need to, and that you know what time you’ll be starting

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