5 Unknown Fruits and Nuts with Extreme Benefits

Fruits and nuts are one of the most important parts of human’s healthy well-being. Fruits provide a great sense of body comfort to the healthy structure, while nuts give long-lasting effects. Historically, the world changes its pattern with Eve eating an apple.

From centuries, humans are in love with fruits and nuts. Nothing makes life better than enjoying the freshness of fruits and creativity of nuts. In this brick-and-mortar world, much-needed comforts for humans are knowingly and unknowingly playing a great role to destroy many beautiful things.

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Pollutions in New Delhi, Beijing and others have taken pollution to another level. The air has become venom for many everyone. Not just humans are surfing, but birds, animals and plants are facing major challenging. Unfortunately, plants, animals and trees can’t speak in a way so we can apprehend them as good as humans.

It makes their job very hard – but the same is not case with humans. They can eat fresh fruits and nets for battling with the polluted atmosphere. Many people are doing a great job to protract things nature. At the end of the day, governments and other authorities need to take the big step for helping the next generation to feel better in many different ways. But those who are voiceless, fruits and nuts along with other healthy bits make the job much better. Therefore, let’s take a look at five unknown fruits and nuts with sufficient benefits. 

5 Myrica esculenta (Kafal) 

Myrica esculenta grows on the tree. It is one of the most unknown fruits around the world. For a limited period, at the time of Indian summer (May to July), one can eat and enjoy this god-gifted blessing.

Keeping in a cold place is very much essential. Otherwise, the longevity of the myrica esculenta will be affected. Keeping it in the Refrigerator will be better. One can find this fruit in northern India, southern Bhutan and Nepal.

In India, Himachal Pradesh is the only genuine producer of myrica esculenta. Himachali people call it Kafal. In the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, one can find the best quality of myrica esculenta. In Indian rupees, it will cost around Rs 100 to 200 per kg.

Even in India, this fruit is very popular. Caring it to other states is possible for only rich farmers. This is also a key reason behind not getting ample services of myrica esculenta even in northern India. Myrica esculenta only works at the height of 3,000 to 6,000 feet. Hill areas can adopt this sweet fruit.

Buying myrica esculenta, when it is green can be the best option as then it will be eatable for a long time. If you want to eat within 24 to 48 hours, then buying a fully-grown red colour myrica esculenta is very much essential. Green myrica esculenta will be a little bitter. However, the red one will bring nature freshness.

Visiting Himachal Pradesh in the summer can make the accessibility of myrica esculenta easier. But most of them won’t understand if you ask for myrica esculenta. Call it ‘Kafal’ and you can find the product in most of the fruit shops and markets.                

4 Dried apricots

Dried apricot is very much famous in the whole world as this nut can least for more than 12 months. One has to give apricots sunshine to make their dried. It comes in very different verities. Turkish dried apricot comes in orange colour. The northern Indian one will look bit brown and will somewhat little bitter-sweet.

In Russia and Kazakhstan, you can get the best chocolate-coated dried apricots. A packet of 1 kg will cost three to four pounds. The rate is very moderate for all. In Indian, people call it Qubani. They make a dessert called Qubani ka meetha, which tastes just too good. In Mexico, people know it as chamoy. It provides human body vitamin A. 

3 Pine nuts

Pine nut is not for everyone. The production of this dry fruit is limited. Only in mountain areas, this product is very much assessable. This nut is available in northern India, Afghanistan, China, Siberia, Russia, Mexico and Mongolia. In different areas, pine nut brings different taste. The product can last for six two seven months. It can last for a much longer period. But then the product will become not good to eat. It shows a bit of salty feature. Indeed, it is a very good dry fruit.

In many different ways, one can enjoy this rich fruit. For working-class people, it is very hard to consume this product on a regular basis as it costs 10 to 12 pounds for 1 kg. In China, it will look bit white, while Indian pine nuts will show brown colour. Many experts say that no other pine nut can beat the Mexican pinyon. It is cut above rest.

2 Pecan nut

Pecan nut looks brown. In North America, this product is very famous. However, the same is not the case in parts of the world. In northern India, Pecan nut can be found.

The production in India is not on a large scale. Even many northern Indians don’t know about Pecan nut as it costs them Rs 600 to 1,000. For regular usage, it costs at a different level. It tastes like Pistachios (Pista). Pecan nut boots the immunity of the human body in a much better way than many products. 

1 Chestnut

Chestnut is somewhat terra incognita for many people around the world. Only rich people know about this product. It comes in different verities. As per the atmosphere, one can find a change in taste in Chestnut.

In Europe, North America, South Asia, Australia, and New Zealand – one can find this product at a bit chapter rate. However, in above-mentioned areas, it will cost a lot. If you are a working-class people, then it is hard to enjoy this gift regularly. Ear this when you become rich. From the motivation point of view, doing hard-work to become rich enough to eat Chestnut regularly can be a great factor to move faster to achieve your goals.  

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