4 Reasons Why Customised Kurtis are Women’s Favourite

Nowadays, women tend to follow the latest fashion styles and trends of Kurtis. Therefore, fashion influencers who start new trends in styling Kurtis are something women are interested in. 

Unfortunately, these types of Kurtis are not always available in stores which sell ready-made clothing. To make a trendy customised Kurti, you need to tailor Kurtis through bespoke tailoring using online tailoring services.

Earlier, all women customised Kurtis from women’s tailoring services for everyday wear. Customised Kurti has been in fashion for decades. Indian women have lots of ways to style their customised Kurti. 

It has become the most stylish clothing item for women and girls to rock as traditional attire and daily outfit. However, online tailoring services are comparatively new to India. Hence you should try online tailoring services like Cloudtailor for your Kurti to know how excellent and convenient their service is. 

There are many reasons why Indian women love customised Kurti. 

Perfect Fit

Some Kurtis that you buy from stores or online does not give you the proper fit it does on the mannequin or the model of the online shopping site. Isn’t it disappointing? You have to go again to replace or return the product or do it online. 

That is why customised Kurti made using a women’s custom clothing service is the most effective way to save you from disappointment. You get that perfect fit you always want with women’s custom clothing.

Time & Cost-Effective

Women waste a lot of time shopping for Kurtis, and due to the pandemic, many stores do not allow you to try the clothes. So if the Kurti doesn’t fit you and does not look good on your body, you have to go to the store to replace or return the product. 

Also, the amount of money you spend on a regular Kurti, you can invest that money to get yourself customised Kurtis from any women’s custom clothing service. You can do that by bespoke tailoring it and adding some embellishments to it.

Personal Style

Customised Kurtis from women’s custom clothing services have their own designs and styles. Women can use their own designs and showcase their personal style while customising Kurti from online tailoring services. 

They can flaunt their unique style to the world with bespoke tailoring. At the same time, in ready-made Kurtis, they have to settle for the one the brand offers, and they can’t use their creativity to make any changes.

Numerous Customisation Options

While customising Kurti from online tailoring services, you can always make some minute changes at any time. For instance, the neck or the back of the Kurti or the pattern of the Kurti, whether to make it long length or Anarkali style, are a few changes you can try. 

Also, you may want to add pockets in the Kurti with bespoke tailoring since the ready-made ones never have pockets. But girls love pockets in their dresses! Thus, you can make any customisation you need while customising Kurti using women’s tailoring.

A Few Ways to Style Your Customised Kurti

  • Kurti is a universally enjoyed attire. Many people from foreign countries like to wear Kurti as much as we do. 

Though Kurti is a traditional form of apparel, you can use quite a few modern cuts and styles to make it more fusion than traditional, simply using online tailoring services for bespoke tailoring.

You can always wear an above-knee length straight cut Kurti and pair it with jeans and accessorise to give it an Indo-western look. You can wear this style on your casual workday if you are an office going woman or a college-going girl. 

  • A touch of the rose gold border on the neck of the customised Kurti can make your Kurti more traditional. You can customise Kurti in a long Anarkali pattern with a rose gold border at the end of the hem and the long sleeves with the help of bespoke tailoring. 

Pastel pink and rose gold border combination is quite trendy. Pair it with a golden dupatta at one side to show your embroidery of the Kurti.

  • Customise Kurti using women’s tailoring in a blush pink colour, keeping the length of the Kurti above knee length with a straight cut, and the bottom of the Kurti can be a gharara. 

Style it with a lovely print on the Kurti and the bottom of the gharara, a 3/4th sleeve. Add a light gold border at the end of the sleeve and the gharara. 

This design, which you can easily achieve using women’s tailoring, will give a stunning, classy, and elegant look. Do accessorise with a nice pair of jhumkas and a similar colour Kada.

  • A long length, straight fit Kurti for your summer wedding function is perfect for styling your customised Kurti from women’s tailoring. 

You can customise it using a lucknowi print fabric, give it an extended length straight cut, and pair it with pencil pants and a plain or a light print dupatta. Thanks to women’s tailoring, this look will make you look high-value and fabulous.

We have listed why women prefer customised Kurti and a few styles to tailor them using women’s tailoring. Custom tailor your Kurtis with Cloudtailor, the best bespoke tailoring service in India and the best women’s custom clothing brand in India that provides you with online tailoring services.

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