Why you should Restring your Tennis Racket in Spring

Since the lockdown began, so many of us have been forbidden to play tennis. My current count shows I have not hit a ball on a court for nearly 90 days. The rackets I use have been sitting under the stairs in their bags for over a year. It’s likely that they’re still all stained with dirt and grime from when I last played. Tennis rackets suffer from winter weather. Cold temperatures, slippery courts, grimy balls and heavy conditions are detrimental to your games.

These conditions have a negative impact on winter players. It’s the perfect time to change your racket strings now that Spring has arrived and we can see an end to our lockdown. Read on to learn reasons to restring your racket in winter.

Why fix something that isn’t broken?

It does not mean that your strings do not need replacing just because they are not broken. Is the colour of your strings discoloured?

Does the string feel stiff? What is the root cause of the mains strings digging into the cross? The use of strings over a long season, heavy wet balls, and leaves all deteriorate them. The strings can be preserved by cleaning them immediately after use.

When polyester strings age, they tend to get stiff and brittle. It is very likely that you have stiff strings if you have left your racket. Although they may appear fine, they do not bite like they used to.

It’s time for new strings

It is not necessarily possible to buy a new racket every season, although we all love to do so. With new strings, your racket will be revitalised and you will receive the little boost you need. The stick feels like a brand new one once you get a new grip.

It will be easier to grip the ball with new strings and most importantly, it will feel nice when you contact it. By investing £18/20USD in this product, you can rejuvenate a tired frame completely. If you play tennis five or more times per week, then you should string your racket that many times each week as well. Playing three times a week means restringing three times.

Are there any tensions that are good?

There’s a good chance that your strings have lost tension over the winter. As long as the strings are exposed to extreme temperatures, the tension will be unaffected, as if I were to leave my rackets in the garage or car boot.

During the winter months, I find that the racket shifts more as if it were on a trampoline, especially as my weight drops to cope with the heavier balls. Tension will be lost by around 10% after a racket is strung overnight. The tool to measure tension loss is expensive, but a racket with strings that are 3 months old may have lost more than 40% of the tension that they had originally.

Seasons change, so do strings

After a certain period of time, performance on strings begins to deteriorate. An upgraded set of strings will always give your racket a nice, crisp feel. If your strings are stiff and lack spring, you will fail to do justice to your game, since they are the only thing touching the ball.

With freshly wound strings, the ball will have more spin, more power, and more feel. When you restring in spring, the ball will feel more responsive and spin more freely.


In winters you have to make sure to visit a stringer or use your own cheap drop weight stringing machine which helps beginners to string their rackets.

As you have seen the reasons why you have to change your strings in winters, now its up to you what kind of products you are willing to buy.

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