Why Has Yoga Become So Important In Battling Addiction?

Yoga is one of those activities that’s a little bit like marmite. Some love it, some hate it, and let’s face it, an awful lot of us have never tried it either.

However, for generations, in fact for thousands of years, yoga has been used as a practice for wellness and in more recent times it’s become more science than spiritual in how it’s being used, most notably among people receiving private drug treatment for addiction for an example.

More and more people are suffering from addiction these days and treatment is so important on that pathway to recovery. Alcohol addiction is very common at present, particularly following the pandemic when many people turned to the substance while furloughed and starved of any other forms of activity.

Today, we’re seeing the impact of that in the rising number of people seeking treatment for addiction, and what is incredibly common is yoga being used as part of that process.

But why is that the case? What exactly does yoga do to aid with addiction?

It can ease withdrawal

The whole point of yoga is to ease the mind of any anxiety and stress, and with those being major contributors in people suffering from relapse during the withdrawal stage, partaking in yoga can be really useful for staying on track.

It isn’t easy to give up a substance, it takes hard work and a lot of focus and concentration. However, yoga can improve focus, allowing you to completely concentrate on your withdrawal and recovery.

It gives you a natural high

Equally, the buzz you can get from yoga can directly replace the highs you’d get from substance abuse. However, it’s the chemicals from alcohol or substances that create these highs, which aren’t consistent and often come with lows and come downs too. 

Yoga releases endorphins and a euphoria that comes through a more spiritual and relaxed state, and it really is a buzz like no other.

Creates better self control

Different yoga poses do carry different benefits, but they all will help improve your self control. As we’ve mentioned, it can improve focus and concentration, allowing you to think more clearly and therefore be in more control of the likes of your emotions, decision making and overall behaviour.

By practicing yoga regularly, you can therefore be at one much more with your body and avoid any temptations, and staying on track for a happier, healthier life in recovery. 


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