Donate with Tap-and-Go

We have reached an era where even the world of fundraising has adapted to modern technological advancements. Charities employ contactless donation boxes or tap-and-go donation options to go with the shift to a paperless or cashless society. It makes things convenient for charities and the same time makes it easier for people to give their donations. The truth is, people love to donate to charities, but they want a faster and more accessible method. Through a portable gadget available in the streets, those who like to contribute can easily tap their cards and their donations go to charities. With this kind of simple process, the amount raised by charities significantly increases.

Although the pandemic has made this solution popular, businesses and charitable institutions already have this system. However, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this contactless donation option since the pandemic encouraged contactless transactions and discouraged any mode of transaction that might contribute to the spread of the virus. Using paper cash to pay has been widely discouraged, and businesses and even charities have had to find ways to continue raising funds while preventing the spread of infection.

Individual contactless donations increased by 143.75 percent between May 2019 and May 2021, according to Goodbox, a supplier of contactless technology. This whopping increase is due to the convenience of this contactless solution, and, of course, more donations were given, especially during the Christmas season. This percentage shows an impression that there are indeed many generous people, and giving them a tap-and-go solution allows them to practice that generosity while charitable organizations benefit from them.

Contactless options used by charities in fundraising include QR codes. This system works by scanning the code with smartphone scanners. Donations are made more quickly with QR codes. After scanning the code, you will be directed to a landing page where you authorize the payment and completes the donation process. The great thing about QR codes is that they can be placed anywhere. Charities have to make sure to place them in visible areas. They may place these QR codes in goods the charity sells or brochures and merchandise. The options are limitless.

Another contactless option is text-to-donate, where you text a code to donate a certain amount. You can find these codes in ads, shows, posters, or publications. Since most of the population owns phones, this is a viable option for all ages. There are text donation services that assist charitable institutions by customizing a keyword for their charitable cause. There is no need for cash or a card; only a text message using your phone.

The most popular right now is the Contactless Donation Boxes. It requires a card. Apple phone users must activate the ApplePay service. They are available on portable devices without rental charges. With one tap and go, your donation will reach the charity of your choice or whatever charity device you came across. It is adaptable because it is set up in places where actual donation boxes are usually located, or simply anywhere the general public can access.

It is fascinating that even ordinary people or those with low incomes can donate an amount they can afford for charitable causes. Usually, only those with good-paying jobs and good incomes can give because they have the accessibility and budget to send their donations. But now, anyone can share their blessings anywhere without spending much or going through tedious procedures.

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PayaCharity allows contactless donations through a portable, standalone device. It is lightweight and uncomplicated. There is no need to enter a pin; tap and go, and your donation reaches the institution fast and securely. It is good to know that PayaCharity can still be functional even when disconnected from the Internet or even when there is a weak signal.

You can program the device to accept the amount of donation you intend to make. Usually, it comes in at 3 dollars, 5 dollars, or 10 dollars, but you can give as much as 50 dollars. Another advantage of this is that it is available in many public spaces. A successful strategy of charities is to install them in shop windows so that shoppers can give their contributions as they stroll. You can be sure your donation is secure because there is no way for thieves to steal anything since it is cashless.

Because the device is easy to set up, it does not require sign-up, log-in, or device pairing. Its power can also last up to one whole day and overnight charging of the device is necessary.

PayaCharity’s device uses a roaming sim card that can access all mobile networks. But in areas struggling with connection, it has an offline option that can still receive donations. The donation will be recorded once the device is transferred to an area with a strong signal.

There are different selections of this contactless donation device.

  1. It can be wall-mounted or stand on a countertop. At this low cost, it can operate all day. It is simply to replace its branding. It easily attracts attention (and donations). It can be connected through LAN or GPRS.
  2. Portable or tabletop, it is easy to set up. It only needs to be powered. It can cater to offline donations. You can push the button for the amount you want to donate easily.
  3. Standing Displays are available in oak and sheet steel and hold the device without the need to install it. They also have headers.

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