Where to Find A Contemporary 3.5-Carat Diamond Ring for Timeless Glamour?

Girls love sparkling and shining bijouterie and why not choose a diamond ring this time to celebrate love? You might normally come across diamond rings that are less than 2 carats. But if you want to add something significant and want to impress with your best, a 3.5 carat Diamond Ring is the perfect size. 

Many of you might think the big sizes may be stuck with different stuff while working. But here is a quick tip from the experts “ALWAYS GO FOR OVALS FOR BIGGER ONES”!. So, rather than scratching your head and tossing it off, you must opt for your favorite ring. 

What is the Average Price for a 3.5-carat Diamond Ring?

Before you jump off to price, you must make it clear that the price range can vary. As there are different varieties of diamonds, some are lab-grown and some of them are natural diamonds. 

The factors such as the quality of the diamond, the cut, colour, clarity, and the overall design of the ring can also make a lot of difference. But if you are looking for a high-quality diamond ring of almost 3.5 carats then the average price is £10,000 to £50,000 or more. 

Is Ring Setting an Important Factor That Varies the Cost of Diamond Rings?

If you are looking for modern and trendy elements, the price can be a  bit high. But such designs add contemporary flair to the piece. The diamond ring setting types available in the current market are more than 10. But the trendy ones include Bezel, Bar, Chanel and Pave ones. Every ring setting is different from others and thus requires more attention to detail. Thus, it directly affects the cost of diamonds. 

Best Advice for Picking the Shape of a Diamond Ring of 3.5 Carats

Many women struggle to do daily chores and other stuff while wearing a ring. There are even different online forums where they are concerned about the ring size and shape. So, if you are thinking of picking up a 3.5-carat beauty that is a bit concerning, we are here to help you!

Personal Preference: 

Always try to prioritise the style and shape you like. We suggest you choose the diamond shape that resonates with your taste. Many women love wearing a classic round cut, a sleek princess cut and an almond shape for big diamonds. 

Hand Shape:

Make sure to take the wearer’s hand into account. Certain shapes complement different hands. For example, if the wearer has long fingers, the elongated shapes suit best. Similarly, the princess cut suits small hands. 

Diamonds’ Cut:

The shape and cut creates a direct impact on the size of the ring. A well-cut diamond appears larger than the poorly-cut one. 

Budget Consideration:

Be mindful of your budget! As we discussed earlier, certain diamond cuts and shapes cost more and several others with the same weight can cost significantly less. 


Consider timelessness as an important factor. You will come across several shapes that never go out of trend like princess cut. So, before you make the big purchase, make sure you are buying a timeless beauty. 

Always Choose Lab Grown Diamond Rings:

First things first, your preference matters a lot, but if you want to know why you must choose lab-grown rings made of diamond, we are happy to help!

  • Lab Grown Diamonds are considered environmentally friendly, they are produced in a controlled environment that reduces the environmental impact.
  • They are cost-effective and you can get a higher quality stone with a limited budget.
  • These diamonds are traceable to their origin. 
  • Lab Grown diamonds have fewer flaws and there is consistency in quality as well. 

When we talk about natural diamonds they represent tradition, uniqueness, rarity, and symbolism. But if you want to align with ethical stance and budget constraints, lab-grown diamonds are so far the best option. 

Colour Gradings in Carat 3.5 Diamond Rings:

The colour grading is according to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in most parts of the world. This scale ranges from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). 

  • D-F (Colourless) are the clear diamonds and are the most expensive ones. 
  • I-J (Near Colourless) are diamonds with a particular hint of colour in them. 
  • K and Beyond (Faint to Light Yellow) show colour and experts suggest looking for colourless diamonds as they are valued the most. But some people prefer warm tones, so this can be a better option for them. 

Pick The Certified Diamond Partners

Diamonds are mostly one-time gifts. So, they must be pure, perfect and timeless. Flawless, just like its name is here to provide the most Pristine diamond jewellery options ranging from small rings to pendants and necklaces. We are here with lab-generated diamonds that are eco-friendly with trendy, minimalist and timeless designs. Reach out right now for the best advice. 

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