What is the better corner bathtub or shower cabin?

A corner bath and combined bathroom are often used bathrooms. That is, either in small-sized housing, where the layout was originally like this, or the owners decided to somehow expand the space by combining a toilet with a bathroom. Or if we are talking about the interior of a modern bathroom of a decent size. In the first case, the meaning of bath and shower cabin is at least straightforward. Although functionally, these items are not fully compatible due to different humidity, purpose, and communications. In the case of a spacious, modern bathroom, the meaning of the combination is so obvious. This is probably because such a trend has appeared in the interior when the bathroom is designed according. The principle of your bathroom room is in a certain style and is filled with all kinds of functional stuff related to the bathroom. It can be a bathtub, jacuzzi, shower cubicle, toilet, bidet, 24 inch bathroom vanity or 84 inch bathroom vanity, and, of course, several types of lighting. If you need bathroom vanity any style and size, you can choose on online bathroom vanity store newbathroomstyle.com

If this is your case, the bathroom is not limited in size, and then it is quite possible to choose the modern interior option. It is fashionable, modern, comfortable.

The shower cabin is practical and fashionable

Such an achievement of human thought as shower cabins can no longer be called a super-fashionable element of the bathroom interior than ten years ago. Nevertheless, they are still actively used and improved. Some designs are becoming less fashionable, while others, on the contrary, are becoming more popular and fit quite organically into the modern interior. The choice of design depends not only on fashion but also on the size of the bathroom, your budget, the style of interior decoration, and, of course, your personal preferences.

If the bathroom is spacious enough, you can install both a traditional bathtub, shower cabin, and modern bathroom vanity. That is, both, and use them at your own discretion. If the bathroom is of modest size, then you will have to confine yourself only to a shower cabin, if you prefer it. In this case, you should consider some of the nuances, which we will talk about.

Firstly, shower cabins are divided into three main types: open, closed, and combined.

Open shower cabin

Open cabins have no ceiling and are lightweight structures with one or two partitions. They are usually mounted in the corner of the bathroom. A pallet can be installed on the floor, or floor tiles can simply be laid under a slope. The advantage of this option is the simplicity of design and affordability and the small size, which is essential for small bathrooms. The disadvantages include the limited functionality. That is the absence of such additional functions as lighting, exhaust ventilation, hydromassage, radio.

Closed Shower cabin

Closed cabins are a complete design in a box with a pallet, a ceiling, and a set of additional functions depending on the price category.

Structurally, such boxes can be square, rectangular, angular, as well as trapezoidal, semicircular or asymmetric. This should be considered when choosing a shower cubicle, depending on the size of your bathroom.

Trays of such cabins can be both ordinary and profound, which is a kind of small-sized bath. The advantages of this type of shower cabin are greater comfort, functionality, isolation from the public space of the bathroom, which makes it easy to create the desired microclimate in them.

The weak side of the closed type cabins is only the higher cost compared to the previous type.

Combined shower cabin systems

Combined systems consist of an open or closed shower cubicle combined with a bathtub, most often acrylic or faience.

The advantages of this design are evident since it is possible to both take a shower in a comfortable shower cabin and use the bathroom.

The disadvantage is also evident – it is a relatively high cost.

Now let’s summarize a little about the choice of a shower stall.

If you are lucky and your bathroom is sufficient, then the type of shower cabin and its installation option depends on your personal preferences and financial capabilities. That is, buy what you like and install it wherever you want.

If you are less fortunate and the size of the bathroom is relatively modest, then in this case, you will have to think about the choice.

Probably, you will have to prefer a square or corner cabin of an open or closed type. Moreover, in this case, the glass of the walls is better to choose transparent rather than dark. In this case, the shower cabin will not visually steal the space of the room.

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