How to choose the right bathroom mirror

A mirror is one of the essential accessories for any bathroom. In addition to being functional, it also has aesthetic value – a correctly chosen and placed mirror will decorate the bathroom. Mirrors reflect any light, natural or artificial, and therefore can visually make a room both brighter and broader.

To choose the right mirror or medicine cabinet with light for your bathroom, you need to decide in advance: what kind of effect you want to achieve from the accessory, where you want to hang it. And already, based on this, choose a mirror of a particular shape, size with a specific type of attachment. Unique bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style in this article has collected valuable tips from professional designers that will help you select a bathroom mirror and place it correctly in the interior.

Varieties of accessories

Mirrors differ not only in shape and size – but they can also be made from different materials. The accessory material will depend on its characteristics, including such an important indicator as moisture resistance. For an item that will be placed in the room for water procedures, this indicator is essential.

Accessories with a reflective surface made of silver have maximum moisture resistance. However, the price of such products will be pretty high. More affordable mirrors are made based on aluminum, but, alas, they cannot boast of either good moisture resistance or durability.

You should be aware that bathroom mirrors are also coated with various compounds that increase the object’s resistance to moisture.

A panoramic mirror will help to expand the bathroom visually. It will also be helpful to complement the standard accessory with a mirror with light with a magnifying effect: looking at its surface, it will be easy to make competent and beautiful makeup, shave, or eyebrow correction. Magnifying mirrors make even the most minor details more visible.

Choosing a mirror for your bathroom – decide what style it will be

 Classic framed accessories may well fit into any interior, but large mirrors without any framing will look harmonious in the design of a room in the ultramodern style. The dimensions of the accessory are selected according to the size of the room itself.

About the location and form

The traditional location of the accessory is the area above the washbasin. Therefore, when choosing a mirror, pay attention to the proportions between it and the sanitary fixture are observed. For location above the washbasin, the most common type of accessory is suitable – a wall mirror.

In bathroom vanity stores near me, you can easily find a bathroom mirror of almost any shape. Oval and square are considered classic shapes for mirrors, but you can order a design of any configuration if you wish.

Among the modern consumer, one of the most demanded accessory models is mirrors with a shelf. Placing such a mirror in the interior allows you to install all the items you would like to keep in sight and at hand on the frame. For bathrooms, so-called cosmetic mirrors are often purchased, a distinctive feature of which is turning the accessory in any direction.

This is possible because the object is attached to a special movable bracket. Such a mirror can be either single or double. One of the surfaces gives the usual reflection. The second increases the details reflected in it.

Used in bathrooms and built-in mirrors can be either part of a cabinet or mounted directly into the wall surface.

A more practical option is when mirrors are part of modern vanity. Furniture with mirrored surfaces visually enlarges the space, making it brighter and airier. The key advantages of built-in mirrors are that you do not have to find places for mounting under them and do not think about fixing the accessory because they are sometimes produced with the most complex mounting system.

Bathroom mirrors can be attached to unique clips or glued to the surface with glue Particular attention is paid to the quality of the accessory.

It is advisable not to save money on buying a bathroom mirror. In this room, you must purchase a high-quality mirror. Accessories of poor quality, made of cheap materials, will not last you long – stains may appear on their reflective surfaces that cannot be cleaned, and the mirror will have to be thrown away.

It is also recommended to buy mirrors with a special coating that will protect the reflective surface from fogging for the bathroom.

These accessories are solid and durable. However, the cost of such a mirror will be much more expensive than an ordinary mirror. The price of a supplement will also largely depend on its size. The larger the item, the more expensive its cost.

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