What is Considered as Medical Malpractice? – Become Familiar before Filing a Case

We all have to undergo some kind of medical procedure from time to time. It can be scary to know that you may get injured during a medical procedure or surgery. In a clinic or hospital, you may be harmed because of the wrong treatment, wrong prescription and even the faulty machine. In such a case, a medical malpractice and negligence lawyer can help in the best possible manner. Many a time, medical malpractice causes serious injuries to a person that needs to be compensated. Below mentioned are a few scenarios, in which you should file a medical malpractice lawsuit:

Improper treatment

Under these circumstances, the patient is offered improper treatment. This treatment is not administered by other doctors. Sometimes, the treatment prescribed is correct but when it is offered to the patient, it is not done correctly. For instance, anesthesia went wrong or a therapy caused more harm to the patient. In these cases, the patient can file a lawsuit against the doctor, clinic or hospital. 

Delayed, misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose

If your doctor has failed to diagnose a medical condition, diagnosed improperly or failed to diagnose completely, you can file a lawsuit against your doctor. These scenarios may arise if a person has contacted another doctor and he has diagnosed the problem in one go. Due to the delayed diagnosis, the condition of the patient may worsen. If the medical issue was diagnosed well on time, the appropriate treatment would have been given and the condition of the patient would be better.

Failed to warn the patient about potential risks

If the patient was to be offered a medical treatment or prescribed medicine that may have certain side effects, it is the duty of the doctor to inform or educate the patient well in advance. Failure to do so can harm the patient in the most adverse manner. The patient may claim that if he would have been informed, he had opted out of the treatment option.  In this case, he can file a lawsuit against a medical practitioner and obtain compensation.

Faulty equipment and machines

During a hospital stay, the use of machines such as oxygen, ventilator and others is mandatory. If these machines don’t work properly, it may harm the patient instantly.

To file a lawsuit, it is recommended to contact an attorney who has enough experience and expertise to deal with it. 

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