The Art of Promotion: Advertising Tips to Master Your Campaigns

Running an online bsiness? 

Great, but so are about 31 million other establishments. You need to create a laser-focused advertising campaign to stand out from the crowd. The question is, how do you know you’re approaching your strategy from the right perspective?

After all, with the wrong advertising campaign, you could fall into a financial pit. Not only will you spend, but you also won’t see an increase in sales or brand exposure.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of advertising tips below to help you improve your advertising efforts. Continue reading below for the best eCommerce advertising tips you need:

Identify Your Audience

One of the most important advertising campaign tips is to first know your target demographics. The majority of your advertising campaigns rests heavily on this information. Marketing to young women is a different business compared to advertising to retirees, for example.

The good news is there are a lot of ways to identify your audience. 

You can first use tools like Google Analytics or monitoring tools on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also run surveys or polls to get answers directly from your audiences. Using data from the subscription form fields people fill when registering to your website is also a good source.

Keyword Research Matters

Developing a solid advertising strategy requires intelligent planning, not brute force. You can’t simply release a ton of random ads and content with the hope that something will work. That’s like throwing random things at the wall and hoping something will stick.

One way to play it smart is to conduct a lot of keyword research. These keywords reflect the phrases people use when inquiring on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Using those keywords will help your content and pages pop up first.

Don’t simply look at the best-performing keywords. Use tools like SpyFu to check which keywords your competitors use. Use Google’s LSI to help figure out the most relevant searches, too.

Solve a Problem or Make One

Stop and think about why you need a smartphone. When it boils down to it, you need a phone because there’s a necessity. You need that phone to stay online for work or school, to communicate with people, and for everyday conveniences.

The best advertising strategies take advantage of this fact. Find a problem and then present your products or services as a solution.

Can’t find a problem that screams urgent or important? Make one.

Do you notice a lot of customers abandon their carts after they see the shipping fees? Use direct mail advertising tips like free shipping vouchers to bring them back to the fold. Of course, to qualify for a voucher, they have to spend a certain amount on your products or services.

Always Work With Professionals

Even with a good in-house marketing department, it’s always a smarter choice to work with professionals. A marketing agency, like Amplify My Business, has the tools and trained experts who run SEO and PPC campaigns for a living. You’ll get guaranteed results and a faster turnaround, too.

Hiring professionals also gives you a level of security. If the marketing campaign goes awry, their insurance policies will save you from financial loss. They may even have to re-do some of the work for you.

Take Advantage of Video Content

Video content already dominates over 82% of all Internet traffic. If you want to boost your advertising efforts through the roof, it’s time to take advantage of that kind of content. 

Create more video ads you can put on YouTube, for example. These ads can play before or during a video someone clicked on to watch. You can then upload and share the same video ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also make short videos to upload via TikTok or Instagram Reels. These only last a few seconds, making them easier for people to check out and share. 

Social Media Influencers Are Your Friends

Never underestimate the power of social media. TikTok alone has over a billion regular users. Consider how many people are also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

If you want to master your advertising on social media, you need to work with influencers. These are people on social media with thousands or even millions of followers. Paying them to endorse your brand with one post can automatically expose you to a ton of people.

Make sure to approach an influencer who targets the same audience you do. If you can, prioritize a local influencer since they’ll have a stronger connection with the people. Keep in mind that the more prominent the influencer, the more you might have to pay.

Always Run Audits

It’s rare for a first advertising campaign to hit its stride. You’ll have to make adjustments, deal with a few losses, and see where you can improve. The only way to identify the exact details is always to run audits.

The good news is there are many ways to monitor metrics. Google AdWords, for example, allows you to check how much you earn per click on an ad. You can monitor the demographics of people who click, what time your ads see the most traffic, and which of your ads see the most success.

Monitoring the numbers is also important to the advertising agency you work with. They need to see the data to help devise the right marketing plan and to create effective ads.

Use These Advertising Tips To Your Advantage

Now you know how to boost your advertising campaigns to achieve the most returns.

Planning and directing your ads is a lot of work, but these advertising tips will help you get on the right track. Conduct keyword research, know your audience and run the numbers. Invest in video content and work with influencers, too.

Are you looking for more guides like this? We’ve got posts offering tips for all your technology, business, and home improvement needs. Don’t hesitate to read more of our articles today.

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