What is an Internet Troll?

There are several slang terms in the web vocabulary, and trolling is always popular among them. So, what exactly does it imply, you ask? A troll is someone who makes off-topic, insulting, or provocative remarks over the internet. Internet trolls openly make statements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other media with the goal of insulting or humiliating individuals and inciting unpleasant feelings in them. There are a variety of reasons why someone may be a troll, but one thing is certain: trolls often do not have a genuine objective behind what they do.

Trolling may take many forms, including outright harassment, whistle-blowing, and even political action. While some individuals consider trolling to be a valuable addition to a -conversation, the majority of the time, the phrase “internet trolling” refers to hateful or humiliating comments, and we will explore that aspect of the word.

Dealing with trolls may be frustrating, as can having slow internet while replying to trolls. In the sections that follow, we will teach you all you need to know about internet trolls and how to deal with them effectively. Also, for good speeds, look into AT&T internet bundles. At&t gives just the right speed for dealing with bothersome trolls.

With that sorted let’s look into a little more information about what internet trolling is.

When Did Internet Trolling Start?

Many researchers claim that trolling began in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until much later that it became popular. Flame wars, the parents of trolling, were already a common online occurrence. A flamewar was a personal assault on someone simply because you disagreed with his point of view. Flaming evolved into trolling, which has since become commonplace. It survives because of the anonymity that comes with having an online presence. Humans are vengeful, yet they keep it to themselves because of the dread of confrontation. However, because an online presence is anonymous, it is easier to attack someone on his subjective beliefs without being questioned in person.

How Does Internet Trolling Effect People?

Trolling may not appear to be as destructive as it is. Even if it does not physically injure anyone, it has a detrimental effect on mental health. Trolling is a type of cyberbullying, and studies have shown that it harms one’s mind, producing tension and even depressive inclinations. The problem frequently escalates and has even resulted in suicide attempts by sufferers.

Trolling causes victims to feel insecure about themselves, which can lead to anxiety and discontent with life. Because of the catastrophic effects of online trolling, numerous governments throughout the world have taken legal action against trolls. Cyberbullies can face prison sentences of two years or more in various countries.

How to Deal With Internet Trolls?

Trolling is unfortunately common on all online platforms, and it has been observed that more than half of those present online and participating by offering their ideas on any given topic are harassed and trolled. This is how far trolling has gotten, and even though there is a law against it, it is seldom enforced for a variety of reasons. However, there are some reasonable precautions you may take to avoid the negative effects of trolling on your mental health. Following are some steps you can take to deal with online trolling.

1.      Avoid Feeding the Trolls

Trolls make harsh comments in the hopes of triggering an emotional response. While it may be difficult to stand up to trolls, one of the greatest responses is to keep them hungry for any reaction, since it will simply fuel the fire. By not responding emotionally to the trolls, you will not be providing them the desired attention, which will demotivate them to do so in the future.

Furthermore, if you run a platform, such as a Facebook group or a community, be the boss and don’t let trolls in. When you come across hateful comments or postings, delete them immediately and confront the troll. Always establish a no-trolling policy on all platforms and firmly enforce guidelines to ensure that no one is mistreated by cyberbullies.

2. Include Moderators in Your Team

If you have a large community or platform and can’t handle every post on your own, it’s worth investing in a staff of moderators. The team will monitor every post and comment to eliminate trolling. If you cannot afford to hire a staff of moderators, you may utilize moderating tools available on many online platforms, such as Facebook and WordPress comment moderation tools, Twitter and Instagram reporting options, and other tools such as auto-moderation in YouTube comment settings.

3. Kill Them with Kindness…or A Sense of Humor

It’s difficult to be sympathetic in the face of trolling. Trolls, on the other hand, are typically looking for an emotional reaction, thus using the opposite approach may backfire. Having a good sense of humor can be of additional benefit to you. If you’re able to, respond with a sarcastic yet humorous reply. Keep in mind that this is a skill that not all of us possess. However, certain people can truly nail this; you must be a fast thinker and know when to make the statement.

One example is Tesco Mobile’s response to one of the trolls:

Troll: When you phone someone and their call is redirected to their Tesco Mobile Voicemail…LOOOOOOOOL

Tesco Mobile: When you realize that your friends are ignoring you LOOOOL #nojoke

To sum it all up

With the widespread availability of internet connectivity, almost everyone has an online presence. As a result, there is always the possibility of online bullying, which can ruin your internet experience. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide on trolling and how to cope with it. You can better manage the trolls without being emotionally disturbed by them if you are vigilant and mindful of the trolling situation.

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