What are Teeth Aligners and Why You Might Need One

Teeth alignment is one of the most common reasons for people to seek dental care. Historically, it has been done through braces, but now there are other options that can be just as effective. The teeth aligners you see advertised on TV are an example of this type of treatment, and if they’re what you need to get your smile straightened out then more power to you! But no matter which route you take, the process usually involves wearing a device in your mouth for months at a time. So before you decide on whether or not it’s worth it, you can get informed with this article or other online sources.

What Are Teeth Aligners?

Teeth aligners are essentially customized mouthpieces that fit precisely over your teeth. They come in several different forms, but the most common ones are either clear or tooth-colored and they can be removed for eating or cleaning. The one you wear is only slightly larger than ordinary removable shells, but they provide enough room to allow your teeth to move into place little by little.

How Long Does It Take For Them To Straighten Your Teeth?

Their main purpose is to make sure that your teeth are constantly repositioned throughout the course of treatment. Looking at the average treatment timeline, it usually takes aligners anywhere from 12 to 18 months to straighten your teeth. While more complex cases require about two years. They should be worn for roughly 20 hours a day because it allows them to do their job optimally. 

How Do They Work?

Aligners work similarly to traditional braces, as they also apply a constant force to your teeth and slowly move them. Aligners are also only replaced every few weeks, so you will continue to make progress even though it may not be readily noticeable at first. Your dentist will take digital photos of your teeth and use them to make a computer model of your teeth, which will assist them in making the perfect aligner for you. 

The Main Benefits Of Using Teeth Aligners

  • The main advantage to using teeth aligners is that you can see your progress as it happens. With traditional braces, the only time you are able to track your progress is when you periodically visit the dentist for an X-ray. But with clear aligners, patients are able to monitor their own alignment at home.
  • They are easier to clean than braces too. Because you can take them off while eating, or when you want to clean them. 
  • They are also much more affordable than traditional braces, which explains why so many people choose this option for getting their teeth straightened out.
  • They are less likely to damage your gums or soft tissue and make bleeding less likely.
  • They are not as easily noticeable as traditional braces, which makes them more comfortable for people who are self-conscious about their teeth.
  • You don’t have to wait for years to show off your teeth like with traditional braces, as aligners can be removed easily.

Are They As Effective As Traditional Braces?

The short answer is yes! In some cases, they even work faster than braces, especially for simple cases. Some patients even go as far as to say that they’re even more effective than traditional braces.

However, like anything else, this type of treatment does involve its fair share of challenges and drawbacks. While it may be cheaper than other options, you still have to pay for each aligner in order to make progress and they do not work well for orthodontic issues, or jaw positioning issues.

The Rise In Their Popularity

These devices have become very popular over the years because they allow patients to avoid having more complex and extensive treatment methods such as braces or headgear. We’ve even had the chance to see the most popular brand of aligners; Invisalign mentioned in one of Billie Eilish’s music videos. This is very important because young people are usually very self-conscious and representation matters.

They also look very natural compared to other options, and they’re so comfortable to wear that many people forget they even have them in. These devices are all the rage these days, and more and more people seem to be opting for this type of treatment on a regular basis. If you’re getting tired of your braces and want some options that might work better for you, then this is an alternative you might want to consider. Keep in mind that brushing your teeth at least two times a day is important. You don’t want your teeth to only be straight, they also need to be healthy! We hope this article was helpful!

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